go slash, go axl ! ;)

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7 thoughts on “go slash, go axl ! ;)

  1. butterfly

    link: http://lavremenepotrivita.wordpress.com/
    miza e, remember, the best soundtrack you could come up with! have fun ;))

  2. n-ai blog, huh?

    stiam eu! 😀

  3. butterfly

    macar iti place? acuma, nah… si tu ai, pe undeva, i just have to discover it!

  4. n-ai blog, huh?

    a. 😀 eu ii exclamam cu zel acestei fapturi blogate, care la intrebarea mea: “tu n-ai blog?” a raspuns foarte senina: “da’ de ce-ar trebui sa am?”, lasandu-ma sa presupun ca n-are. /:) dar ma uit si la al tau imediat. 🙂

  5. butterfly

    🙂 te-am confundat, atunci… paranoid me!

  6. cris

    nu dau de tine nicicum. da un semn cand vezi, e important.

  7. It seems you truly fully understand quite a lot related to this subject and that exhibits with this article, termed “go slash,
    go axl ! 😉 | stories are everywhere”. Many thanks

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