photoshop, die.

Astea-s niste formatiuni noroase care au aparut in ultima vreme pe tot globul. Dar, desi apar tot mai des, cercetatorii nu le-au gasit inca un nume oficial. Expertii Royal Meteorological Society i-au numit deocamdata Asperatus (lat.“dur”). Asta ar fi prima etichetare a unei noi formatiuni noroase in ultima jumatate de secol. Mhm. Daca te uiti atent, a doua pare o pictura de Van Gogh, a treia pare un vortex care vrea sa inghita tot, prima lasa senzatia de cer care sta sa pice peste case, iar ultima lasa senzatia ca te uiti la o mare intoarsa. Brr. Fascinating. Daca nu as fi stiut, as fi bagat mana in foc ca sint fotografii prelucrate. Dar uite ca natura inca mai are asi in maneca si ca poate bate oricand Photoshopu’.






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3 thoughts on “photoshop, die.

  1. wwwwwwwwoooooowwwww…. thanks for info brother…

  2. quite amazing pics, i was like: “wow” when i fist saw them… i wish i could see those clouds some day.

  3. Clouds are the one thing Photoshop can’t beat nature on. For me at least. This is why I hate summer. Every time I look up to the sky there they are…grimming….knowing that they’re awesome….staring at me. Damn clouds and their pretty…prettiness! Love’em and hate\em at the same time.

    Awesome blog by the way!

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