Stana/Cluj photo-trip pictures: coming soon. :D


PS inspired by Andrada :P: nu e trecuta prin Photoshop. 😀 Niciuna dintre fotografiile mele nu e trecuta prin Photoshop, in fact. It’s just a matter of taste, not that I hate Photoshop or smth.

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10 thoughts on “Stana/Cluj photo-trip pictures: coming soon. :D

  1. andradacoos

    Totally amazing 😀 Tin sa zic si aici >:D<

  2. cum ar zice andra: “saru’manushitzele” 😛 and humble “thanks” + blushing. :”)

    ai vazut, ai vazut, am pus PS inspired by you. si de diana. care a zis a doua zi: “asa e ca imi arati sa fac asa in photoshop?” 😀 and i said: “nu e in photoshop” 😀 and she said: “dar in care?” and i said: “please kill me now”. 😀

  3. andradacoos

    Ha ha, told you that was gonna happen :)) Bine ca ai pus PS sa lamuresti lumea ;))

  4. ar trebui sa si scriu de peripetii. 😛 doar ca-s prea extaziata de poze now. 😀

  5. andradacoos

    Definitely! Fiecare poza cu povestea ei, isn’t that how it goes? 😛

  6. right now, at this right moment, the stana-trip tastes so, but so…
    … bitter. 🙂
    don’t ask. 🙂

  7. andradacoos

    Oh, no, ce s-a intamplat iarasi? De e suddenly bitter? :-S

  8. long story. 🙂

  9. andradacoos

    Write me an e-mail then 😀 Ca tot n-am reusit sa te prind online :))

    • off topic: tocmai am vazut intr-un videoclip product placement la Nemiroff si m-am gandit la your polish guy. : )))

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