werewolves, spaghetti westerns, cats and bats, range rover hearts.

When black cats and bats come out at night, the underworld werewolves come over to play

But now the fingers snap-snap sunrise is here so get up and be on your way

Your moons belong to my sun, that’s no cats&bats underworld myth

But when I smack my fingers I want you to switch back into the light

The marks of your blazing teeth are the perfect bracelet around my hand

My earthquakes are to your guitar just another good vibration, round and round

we’re gonna go, round and round ’till our hearts give up to sea sick and love-spit

You kiss me on the brain in the shadow of a spaghetti western train

Cuz, original pranksters, we hate the all “starry eyed” cliché refrain

Oh, well, we both have shiny happy fits of smooth rage

Oh, well, you want more lip-synch and I want more stage

But no, dont want no work overtime to this shinny werewolve story to fit

Real no, dont want to change its always hollywood-ending with the sunlight

Don’t care of “whatever happened to Amelia Earhart” nor even why

Photograph my mind, there’s no cherry-moon teardropz to cry

Don’t want your design or to sign here on your range rover heart

Nor dinkin’ sinkin’ inkin’ leather studded diamonds in a HD love chart

Your blazing teeth, black cats and bats belong all to my sway

But now the reservoir dogs sunrise is here get up and be on your way

Shut the windows, lock the door, unplug the phone, put on some band

Cause  at sunrise black cats & bats studded kisses will fold us round and round

Your moons belong to my sun, yeah, that’s no cats&bats underworld myth

But now fingers snap-snap, I want you to switch back into the light.

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