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pink linen on white paper.

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Sputnik deardropz: lithium in bloom. (III)

–  Just paint a picture of the perfect war, you’ll get it better than what anyone would tell ya.

– I’ll be the Queen of Spades, you’ll be the King of Hearts. And we’ll fight like we were toy soldiers.

– Only run with scissors when you want to get hurt. Right?

– Right. And never never make agreements, right?

– Of course. Cause we’re just like the opposite of a Hallmark card.

– Or more like two thieves. I might steal your clothes if they fit me, aren’t you scared?

– The only thing that scares me is that radio says it might be possible that rain can fall.

– But only when it’s over in our heads.

– And while waiting, am I bright enough to shine in your spaces?

– Smells like Lithium In Bloom, Mr. Heart-Shaped Box. Nevermind. Apologies, but my Pennroyal Tea was Silver, so just Come As You Are or I’ll Drain You, you Dumb man Who Sold The World.

– Ain’t it funny how we just don’t speak the language of ?

– Of what?

– Of “a mulatto, an albino, a mosquito”, of course.

– Yeah, it is. As funny as running around with a pair of Mr. Bean scissors.

– Or as funny as your telling me that I’m wrong when thinking that leaving behind red expensive wine is a waste.

– Let’s drink to that. And to Kurt Cobain.

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truth will make a liar.

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“hartie vs digital” devine “hartie & digital”

Dupa ce cotidianul belgian La Derniere Heure a aparut de curand in varianta 3D, francezii vin cu o idee de a aduce si un altfel de suflu nou presei scrise: o pun la pachet cu digitalul. Citesc la Petrisor Obae ca de luni cotidianul francez Le Monde va lansa pe piata un abonament-pachet care va cuprinde: print-ul, accesul la continutul online al ziarului si posibilitatea de a-l citi pe iPhone. Pretul abonamentului va fi undeva in zona 20-30 euro. Se pare ca pe hartie vor fi prezentate materialele complexe, pe web fluxul de informatii si dezbaterile interactive, iar pe iPhone  vor fi trimise alerte si alte informatii rapide. Prima incercare de a pune la pachet presa scrisa si internetul a fost explicata de Eric Fottorino, directorul Le Monde, astfel: suporturile de difuzare (hartie vs digital) nu trebuie sa fie concurente, ci complementare (chestie pe care, cu ocazia asta, o vor pricepe mult mai multi manageri media). Publicatia se pregateste sa lanseze din 3 aprilie si o oferta pentru iPad, tableta Apple. Se anunta vremuri interesante, vorba cuiva.

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legatura dintre AC/DC si hipopotamii roz. (II)

Ideea e simpla. Daca alergi de nebun cand temperatura de afara e de patruzeci de grade si apare dintr-o data pe marginea drumului un indian care are intr-o mana un dublu-casetofon la care canta deodata Rammstein – Sehnsucht si Beatles – Yellow Submarine, iar in cealalta mana un pahar de apa pe care ti-l intinde, il iei.

Cand ai nevoie disperata de liniste si vecinul asculta manele la maxim si apare din senin RoboCop care intra peste el, il impusca, dupa care spune: “Have you ever let a romantic moment make you do something that you knew was stupid?” nu incepi sa-ti pui intrebari. Pur si simplu te bucuri.

Daca iti doresti aventura si apare un arab pe un covor zburator care iti zice sa urci repede, pentru ca te cauta Lassie, trimisa din viitor de stapanii ei sa te omoare, fiindca esti pe cale sa descoperi ca in realitate e doar o catea obisnuita, te urci.

Daca iti vine sa spargi ceva si dintr-o data apare un extraterestru cu o pusculita in mana si te roaga sa dai cu ea de pamant, pentru ca are nevoie de maruntisul din ea ca sa isi cumpere o alta pusculita, o iei si dai cu ea de pamant.

Nu inteleg de ce trebuie sa te agati tot timpul de explicatii logice. De ce trebuie sa iti clarifici totul? De ce trebuie sa fie totul asa cum stii tu ca ar trebui sa fie? De ce ramai agatat de niste bariere stupide si te bochezi cand ele sunt scuturate?

Data viitoare cand or sa vina la mine o broasca testoasa care vorbeste doar sanscrita si un hipopotam roz imbracat c-un tricou pe care scrie: “I love lemon cake and squids, but not together” ca sa-mi dea un bilet la AC/DC, o sa-l iau. Pe cuvant.

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Sputnik deardropz: cartoonify yourself. (II)

– Look, that’s the plan: we’ll take all these tears from your eyes, we’ll take a scissor and start croppin’ happy shapes out of them: Mickey Mouse, Duffy Duck, Donald, Pink Panther, The AristoCats. Okay?

– The things that I want: a smoke, a whiskey for the sun to shine. I want to sleep, to remember to forget. I want unlimited ammo and a license to kill paperdreams that are only skin deep.

– Come on, don’t you like Duffy and Donald? Or maybe you don’t want white and black ducks… then maybe you’d want Pluto the dog? Or the Wacky Racers? Or something more eco friendly… like Captain Planet?

– The past is a gaping hole. Your only chance is to turn around and face it. But it’s like kissing the lips of your dead love, darkness waiting in the hole of her mouth. I can’t remember who said it. Bullet type.

– Let’s see… maybe Sailor Moon? Bugs Bunny? Or maybe you want those crazy mice, Pinky and the Brain? Shall we put also a cat into this mice ecuation? Tom and Jerry? I’ll bring all them for you, just name who do you want.

– We are willing to suffer, to die for the things we care about. For love, for the right choices. If the only choice you’ve got is to do the wrong thing, then it’s not really the wrong thing, it’s more like fate. It’s all a matter of perspective, tied to time and place, love and friendship, life and death of you and your passions.

– Do you have some scissors around? I’d prefer a red pair, red scissors always crop out very happy shapes. And, well, if you can’t make up your mind, we’ll just crop all the cartoons that bust into our mind on the spot. Randomly. Sometimes while watching Picasso’s artwork I have the slightly impression he did pretty much the same. Haha.

– Sometimes there are no choices. Nothing but a straight line. The illusion comes afterwards, when you ask “What if?”, when you look back, see the branches, like a pruned bonsai tree, or a forked lighting. If you had done something differently, it wouldn’t be you, it would be someone else looking back, asking a different set of questions. 

– There, I found some scissors. Huh, nice colour, even better than red. Look, I thought that from this small tear drippin’ out of your left eye we could crop out all the Flinstones. You know those cartoons, right? Sure you do. Barney, Fred, Wilma, Betty… and do you remember Dino?

– I wonder if Nice Guy Eddie, Mr. Blonde or Mr. Pink could keep up with my lines in that Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs “tipping” scene. You know, at some point Mr. Pink says he doesn’t usually tip and that the waitress hasn’t done anything special. And Joe asks him what’s special then. I’d say Wassily Kandisky is special. It must be amazing being Kandinsky. Or Dali. Or Jackson Pollock. John Malkovich not that much.

– Hey, Kandinsky wannabe, look, from the other small tear drippin’ out of your right eye I’ve cropped out Twetty, Sylvester and Bugs Bunny. I was thinking to crop out Cyber Rider, but – oh, well –  it turned out to be Bugs. Look, he’s sayin’ to you: “What’s up, Doc?” And you say back to him…

– Mr. Bugs, here are the things that I want: a smoke, a whiskey for the sun to shine. The things that I get. The things that maybe I don’t actually need.

– Okay, okay. Mr. Bugs is now asking you how was your business meeting with Mr. Sputnik. You had diner at Conti’s, right?

– He said that leaving behind expensive red wine was a waste.

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“prostie? imbecilitate? lipsa de profesionalism?” :-l

Cum momentan nu am vreme sa scriu/comentez…. iata mai jos explicatia titlului. Sursa: 9AM

Gafa morbida in privinta lui Mile Carpenisan

Fostii colegi ai lui Mile Carpenisan au facut o gafa sinistra in emisiunea ACCES DIRECT de la Antena1, pe care au dedicat-o post-mortem jurnalistului. In mijlocul platoului de filmare a fost asezata poza altei persoane alaturi de lumanarile de veghe. Aceasta gafa monumentala a fost repede semnalata in blogosfera romaneasca. In studio, pe o masuta pe care se aflau cateva lumanari, ar fi trebuit sa fie poza fostului jurnalist, insa, din ignoranta, realizatorii au afisat poza unui cunoscut blogger. “Nici nu stii cum sa-i zici: prostie, imbecilitate, lipsa de orice profesionalism. In poza nu e regretatul Mile. E Groparu, bunul sau amic. Dar pentru Madalin Ionescu si Acces Direct n-a contat. Nici macar nu stiau cum arata si au furat o poza de pe blogul celui disparut . Poza altuia…”, noteaza Mos Califar.

Gafa de la Antena 1 a fost initial semnalata de catre http://www.arhiblog. ro. Pe parcursul partii de inceput a emisiunii, in ceea ce trebuia sa fie un moment emotionant dedicat fostului coleg, se putea observa diferenta intre imaginile cu Mile Carpenisan dintr-un material filmat si imaginea persoanei a carei fotografie a fost asezata intre lumanari in mijlocul platoului de filmare. La finalul momentului video special se putea observa ca cineva a sesizat gafa si a luat din platou poza bloggerului clujean, noteaza si, preluand stirea din blogosfera. Gafa este greu de inteles, avand in vedere perioada lunga de in care Mile Carpenisan a lucrat pentru acest post de televiziune, observa Adevarul.

Madalin Ionescu, moderatorul emisiunii Acces Direct si-a cerut ulterior scuze pentru aceasta gafa, potrivit aceleiasi publicatii. Antena 1 isi cere scuze in privinta acestei erori si prin intermediul unui comuincat de presa: “Este regretabil ca o eroare umana s-a strecurat in timpul momentelor in memoriam Mile Carpenisanu***, cand in platou a fost prezentata o poza cu precizarea ca l-ar infatisa pe Mile, desi chipul din imagine nu era al lui”. Initial, inregistrarea materialului filmat care demonstra grava eroare a jurnalistilor de la Antena 1 era accesibila online insa, se pare, aceasta a fost retrasa, nemaiputand fi accesata pe site-ul Bloggerii au reusit totusi sa capteze numeroase imagini care demonstreaza lipsa de profesionalism a postului de televiziune. 

Sursa: 9AM

***Nota: Incredibil, au “reusit” sa-i greseasca pana si numele in comunicatul de presa.

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some smart title.

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time to spring forward. :-)

Sub sloganul “toate chestiile idioate sint peste tot, dar cele smart & misto niciunde”… nu am gasit o versiune high definition a filmuletzului de mai jos. Daca o gasiti pe undeva (banuiesc si sper ca inca exista), recomand s-o vedeti pe aia. De ce m-am zbatut atat sa caut o versiune high quality? Pentru ca filmuletzul asta e pur si simplu genial. Obisnuiam sa rad cu lacrimi la unele scene. Dar nu e in esentza o comedie, ci o superba lectie despre prietenie. 🙂 Daca vreti, e ca un M&M din ala mic si deeeeelicios. Si, nu in ultimul rand, e dovada ca nimeni nu-i poate bate pe baietii destepti de la Pixar. Nici la nivel de animatie si nici la nivel de idei/creativitate. Dixit.

UPDATE: am sters varianta low quality youtube, pentru ca il gasiti in high definition AICI. 


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the cyberdelic random vividness of liquid light.

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