Sputnik deardropz. (I)

– It’s such a waste to order a whole bottle of wine for just the two of us. We can barely finish half.

– Don’t worry. The more we leave behind, the more people in the restaurant will be able to try it. The sommelier, the headwaiter, all the way down to the waiter who fills the water glasses. That way a lot of people will start to acquire a taste for good wine. Which is why leaving expensive wine is never a waste.

– Sometimes you’re just the sweetest thing. Like Christmas, summer holidays and a brand-new puppy all rolled into one. But someday you’ll get married to your Mr. CartoonNetwork and forget all about me. And I won’t be able to call you in the middle of the night whenever I want to. Right?

– You can always call during the day.

– Yeah.

– I almost could hear that intake of breath. Like the sound of a velvet curtain being drawn aside on a peaceful morning to let in the sunlight to wake someone very special for you.

– Like you.

– Like me. Or like a Romanée-Conti. It’s probably the best red in the world, did you know that?

– Don’t you just love it? Everyday you stand on top of a mountain, make a 360 degree sweep, checking to see if there are any fires, wines or other red things. That’s the life! Compared to YOU, studying literature in college is like biting down on the bitter end of a cucumber.

– Or like thinking that leaving behind red expensive wine is a waste.

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