Sputnik deardropz: lithium in bloom. (III)

–  Just paint a picture of the perfect war, you’ll get it better than what anyone would tell ya.

– I’ll be the Queen of Spades, you’ll be the King of Hearts. And we’ll fight like we were toy soldiers.

– Only run with scissors when you want to get hurt. Right?

– Right. And never never make agreements, right?

– Of course. Cause we’re just like the opposite of a Hallmark card.

– Or more like two thieves. I might steal your clothes if they fit me, aren’t you scared?

– The only thing that scares me is that radio says it might be possible that rain can fall.

– But only when it’s over in our heads.

– And while waiting, am I bright enough to shine in your spaces?

– Smells like Lithium In Bloom, Mr. Heart-Shaped Box. Nevermind. Apologies, but my Pennroyal Tea was Silver, so just Come As You Are or I’ll Drain You, you Dumb man Who Sold The World.

– Ain’t it funny how we just don’t speak the language of ?

– Of what?

– Of “a mulatto, an albino, a mosquito”, of course.

– Yeah, it is. As funny as running around with a pair of Mr. Bean scissors.

– Or as funny as your telling me that I’m wrong when thinking that leaving behind red expensive wine is a waste.

– Let’s drink to that. And to Kurt Cobain.

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