em0t10nal algebra

you know, it’s that morning when light’s dripping on all 4 walls and i just wake up and say:

“i think spring mornings smell like polaroid pictures, tiny skittles and fresh baked ruby lollipops. and i think that these 3 years made a perfect number. and i think i don’t love you : ) anymore. is that okay?”

and then i get sad.

and then i get happy.

and then i go out and feel the edgy sky burning down my eyes and skin.

and then it’s almost like i’m walking around with little rings on my shoes.

and then some raspy radio starts playing out of a red car my favourite band.

well what’s the story morning glory weeeelllllllll need a little time to wake up wake up

and then i feel free.


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2 thoughts on “em0t10nal algebra

  1. em


  2. cum ar spune cineva… jammo. 🙂

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