randomly rhymeless.

Silicone saline bionic ice all seeing eye the illuminati supermassive

Yeah yeah of course that makes perfect sense cause you know

I’m as random as an orange water buffalo who licks lamp shades

Random as a hi-class lady who’s always matching pink earrings to pink suits

[NO WAIT I prefer ladies always matching pink roto-hammers to pink forklifts]

Random as black milk sinceere politicians chinese democracy

But do you care do you cause I dont I just want you to

Work your blonde Cobain down my spine down my mind

Just like him you got a freckled halo around your fingers

Buy me a book of rules for every coin that I could steal

And for every superstar sucked

into a Muse super-supermassive

Find your freedom in the music

Find your Jesus

Find your Kubrick

Find your Warhol

Find your H. Miller

Find your Gotti

You will never fall apart

Need a rhyme ending in “heart”

Yeah yeah you know it’s really really hard when you

Don’t necessarily give a holy damn about your texts

Yeah hard when you care too much to rhyme in all that

heart-roses-sweet-puppies-rainbows-butterflies trash

Need a rhyme for “h-h-heart” (cobalt art salt Walt start)

But man all i want is an ending in saline-silicone-bionic-ice

So is this ok really really ok with you? It is it is? YES? Nice.

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