cutting edge advertising: unlearn everything.

I’m currently reading Cutting edge advertising, by Jim Aitchison. An edgy book on how to create the world’s best print for brands in the 21st century. So it was Aitchison who gave me this half-funky idea, to start a blog display section for the best print ads I’m digging around.

My first choice  goes to JB. Reason: it’s what a print ad should be: simple, surprising, smart.

Now let me rewind just a little to Jim Aitchison. Mainly cause I highly recommend his book. To make it short, Aitchison’s cutting edge “advice” goes mas o menos like this: throw out every damn thing you hold dear! Throw out everything you’ve ever learnt. Throw it to the ground, stamp on it and grind it into dust. This, and this is the only way will you be really creative. Learn things anew. See things from a different perspective. Learn to love words and what they are capable of.

I’d say this is a hell of a Carlsberg-advice. Meaning probably the best in the world.

Every page of his book is filled with heavyweights in the industry, from Indra Sinha and Neil French to David Abbot and Bob Barrie. So much so, turning a page is a real pain. So much to learn, so few pages. A little tip here. A big idea there. A fantastic way of looking at things everywhere else. Combined with neat little examples and you have a book that will practically sell itself. And it has. Incredibly well, too. They even came out with a second (Cutting Edge Commercials) and third (Cutting Edge Radio) and a revised edition of the first. In short. A brilliant book. Nah! This still isn’t a good enough review to call cutting edge. Let’s see. Nah! That’s not good either. So instead of a review I’ll give you a PS: If you wanna go into advertising, you have to UNLEARN EVERYTHING. And Jim Aitchison it just might be the right man to teach you how.


Jim Aitchison is the former creative director of an advertising agency in Singapore. Beside advertising and business books, he also published fiction, under the pseudonym of James Lee.

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