The story of this (resized) photo is simple. It’s about anger. It’s about that day when this old homeless man passes you by. His hair is dirty, dreadlocked and full of mange. He’s not asking people a thing. He’s not a beggar. He’s just a homeless man heading a direction known only by his tired eyes. He can barely walk, he’s so old. In his tired eyes you can see that kind of sadness that would burn down the whole world faster than a Hiroshima or Nagasaki bomb. If only the world would have eyes to see it. Then suddenly there comes this corporate guy. He’s wearing a black suit and the smell of his perfume is so fine. He looks and smells so fine. He’s in a hurry, you can tell. And that’s when he pushes from his way the old man saying: “Move away, dirtbag, how about moving faster, you fuckin’ slob?”. And then you turn around and say: “How about showing some respect, you fucking snob?” Then the corporate dude is slowing down staring so, but so amazed at you. His eyes almost pop out. That kind of  “LOOK, MJ IS ALIVE, THE ALIENS HAVE LANDED, TARANTINO HATES BLOOD, JOBS LOVES GATES!” amazement. Then the homeless man throws you the warmest smile in the whole world. That kind of look that says “thank you” and “i’m sorry i can’t give you more”. His smile and eyes are saying all that and with a red ribbon on it. And all of a sudden his simple smiling eyes mend your anger.

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