President Obama: the perfect lullaby. :D

He’s one of the most charismatic politicians in the world, capable of giving speeches that inspire millions of voters. But there is at least one young man who’d rather take a nap than listen to President Obama wax poetic.

Earlier this week, President Obama gave a speech at Kalamazoo Central high school in Michigan. The school had won a contest that brought the president to its town to speak at the graduation ceremony. But while Mr. Obama spoke about the value of hard work and the wonderful education each of the graduating students had earned, a young choir member seated two rows behind the president yawned repeatedly and eventually even nodded off.

The juxtaposition of the president’s lofty words mixed with the student’s need for sweet, sweet sleep was caught on video. The comedic clip has since made its way around the Web and the exhausted student has garnered quite a fanbase on Facebook. An unofficial group entitled “the guy sleeping behind obama at kalamazoo graduation” has nearly 4,000 members, and blogs across the Web have picked up on the snoozer’s sudden fame. Searches on “sleeping student” and “obama sleeping graduation” both soared. Source.

Below, a clip of the sleepy student. Please, try not to wake him. 😀

Update: Just showed it on David Letterman. : ))

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