super-aggressive beauty (via Hubble :)

Eagle is my “almost” favourite nebula. Mainly cause I don’t see it as a technical nebula, but more like a huge kindergarten for baby-stars (it contains only new born stars aka protostars).  ^_^ I love super-aggressive beauty. And I think Eagle shows off the most super-aggressive of all kinds of super-aggressive beauty ever invented. PS: Check out the 2nd photo. I’ve got the Eagle blue protostars on my finger. If ever wondering why I’m obsessed with that ring, well, that’s the reason: it reminds me of Eagle’s blue baby-protostars. 😀 PS2: The brightest star in the nebula is easily visible with good binoculars, ever tried to spot it on a starry night like this?

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8 thoughts on “super-aggressive beauty (via Hubble :)

  1. you have a favorite nebula? ❤

  2. that’s a wonderful ring. and those are beautiful blue baby-protostars. and i love this post (and the fact it existed long before I even knew you.)

  3. oh yeah? well, I appreciated beauty long before seeing you. so there.


  4. frustrating. addictive.

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