vazut, placut, recomandat. ;)

1. “O stire scurta care nu vorbeste despre criza, Boc, Basescu sau Elena Udrea”. 🙂

2. What’s the future of journalism?

3. Ai un dragon si nu stii cum sa-l dresezi? 😀 No problem, DreamWorks iti arata ce trebuie sa faci. (desi sint fan inrait Pixar, recunosc ca DreamWorks m-a prins putin cu povestioara asta.)

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10 thoughts on “vazut, placut, recomandat. ;)

  1. joseph

    One day I WILL learn Romanian! Not a promise. A threat! 😀

    • You evil and sneaky human being! :)) I actually thought my Feedjit got broken when seeing all those hits from U.S. :)) How long have you been snooping around? :))))

  2. joseph

    I’d say it doesn’t make any difference: let’s keep in mind I don’t understand jack. :))

  3. Jammo. :)))

    PS: Highly recommended. 😀 I want Scrat for my birthday. 😀 Got it? 😀

  4. joseph

    I’ll do my best to hunt him down. 😀

  5. :))))

  6. ps: but why go through such a hard time by hunting him down? instead make him listen to one of your demos. he will surrender in no time. 😀 😀 😀

  7. joseph

    My dearest Scrat lover, you know I can’t go around tellin’ everyone I’m one of the MIB. :)) Joe & his music are a perfect undercover alias for Kay. 😀

  8. My favourite man in black was actually Jay. 😀

  9. joseph

    You get up every morning and think about how you’re going to wear me down, don’t u? :)))

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