Mr. Dreams got back.

Mr. Graphic Designer (aka Radu) is the s(l)ickest graphic designer I know. When Mr. Graphic Designer isn’t busy spreading the creative sickness around, he likes to make people obsessed with his music 😀 (no wonder I’ve been obsessed with “Dreams” – one of his songs – for almost 4 years now). Wanna understand why his songs are so damn addictive? Well, if you click here, I’m pretty sure you’ll get an idea. (Mr. Graphic Designer, now that you have it again, you could add “Dreams”, too. I know, obsessed, can’t help it. : ))

PS: Have I ever told you that while listening to your “Dreams” (on repeat) I wrote a street art feature story that made my first future-ex boss give me a shot at writing feature stories for his newspaper? That story I wrote back then had as a background this song. It turned out the way it did cause of this song. So… thank you, Mr. Graphic Designer.

As for you, guys… enjoy the music!

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