all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Some people have it, and some people don’t—the shining, the ability to see what others don’t. Jack and Wendy’s five year old son, Danny Torrance, has the shining. But will this be a help or a hindrance at the haunted and desolate Overlook Hotel, where timelines don’t know their place?

Stephen King’s “The Shining” is a scary literary encounter. It’s often regarded as King’s best novel and is big on psychology and suspense. It’s got some great set pieces and is actually a very absorbing study of breakdown and madness, following a writer (Jack Torrance) and his family’s decision to work as winter caretaker in a ski resort hotel cut off by snow over the winter.

As for the style, let us just say that this is an incredibly strong, well-constructed novel, with King using all of the wonderful little literary tools and bricks and mortar fans love him for. Critics believe that the novel will still be read, studied and debated 50 years from now. But don’t wait that long to read it. Yes, it is a horror novel. But, as with most of King’s novels, the true, real horror presented is not of a supernatural nature but made up of things we visit upon ourselves and each other.

P.S. 1: Stanley Kubrick’s fans will be dissappointed: the ending is different to the film.

P.S. 2: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” (a memorable sentence written over and over by Jack Torrance) does not appear in the novel. As I’ve always suspected, it was a Kubrick’s brilliant screenplay twist. To be continued.

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26 thoughts on “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

  1. unfortunately I didn’t read anything over my holiday break so I still have some catching up to with King’s The Shining. How was your Christmas? And a belated Happy New Year to you as well!

    • i finished it! da da daaaaam! 557 pages. did i hear a clap of hands? thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind. : D kidding. 😛

      well… my christmas was pretty much like that:
      morning: o, look, how lovely, it’s snowing.
      afternoon: o, look… more snow… yay…
      evening: jesus christ, it’s still snowing?!

      how about your sunny Christmas? 🙂 a sunglassed santa, merry diving & jingle beach, sand-men and rudolph the tanned-nose reindeer driving around an aston martin db9 lm while listening to ? : D okay, maybe this is not necessarily rudolph’s dream. : ))

  2. came across this… thought i’d share:

    • okay, i think i’ll watch it again. 😀
      who cares i’ve seen it a zillion times?
      can someone be more obsessed than this?

  3. and I promise I’m not a mass-media celeb. i don’t even know what that is.

  4. ps — I only have three more chapters to go! okay okay.. beack to reading! 🙂

  5. finito. we discuss more soon????? I certainly hope so!!!

    • and… the first impression is…. ?

      • I like it! Its different, yes. More supernatural. The Shining ability is fleshed out more and I like that. Some parts I don’t like though. Like the ending. Who’d have thought Stephen King was more of an optimist than Stanly Kubrick!

      • i don’t like happy endings.
        but this time … it was interesting.
        what a shame king didn’t like stanley’s version.

  6. the main reason I had held off reading the book for so long was because of King’s bitterness toward Kubrick. Even reading the new introduction by King I wanted to tell him to shut up and throw the book away. Claiming Kubrick doesn’t “understand” the conventions of the “modern horror film.” Please. Stephen King directed Maximum Overdrive. Nuff said.

    • I’m gonna borrow this “nuff”.
      Oh, mine didn’t have an introduction.
      Did King really write an anti-Kubrick introduction? :S

      oh. and you didn’t swear on spiderman’s costume. don’t think i forgot. 😀

      • don’t be mad… but… I totally can’t remember what I’m swearing on spiderman’s costume about (although I do remember the demand.) nor can I find where you said it… ugh… I’m at a loss. What was it again?

    • oh… random thought: i know nothing about street art. i’m not even close to street art and never was. i just like to watch. only to watch.
      see? i’m so – but so – … not mysterious. i told you that without even asking. 😀 pure transparency. nuff said. snobbish smartass smug. :d

      • i feel i know u so well. :/

      • make a list of questions. there.
        but i think i’ll answer without actually saying smth relevant. natural born talent.
        plus: they actually thaught me how to skip answers. i could easily be a politician. 😀

  7. DARN IT!!!! IT’S ON THIS PAGE. SEVEN COMMENTS ABOVE. I’m an idiot today. Haha… and I should have known it was in regard to me being a mass-media celeb. Well, rest assured, Miss GB… I am not a mass-media celeb, I swear on Spiderman’s costume.

    • nuff said. 😀 did i mention how much i love ’nuff”?
      i totally love it. ok, i think it was clear enough. 😀

      • you’ve certainly mastered its use. 🙂

      • people around are cursing the day i’ve learned this word. 😀
        now everything is… “nuff” all the time. 😀 gimme more nuff-words. 😀

  8. ah, I’m such a good influence.

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