Steve Jobs, CEO Apple: “Stay hungry! Stay foolish! Don’t settle!”

“Truth be told, I’ve never graduated from college and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation…”

This is the beginning of an incredible speech I’ve thought to re-post: it’s a story about mad passion, stubbornness and connecting the dots. And that was quite a pathetic smattering of applause when you realize this speech was legendary. (:

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18 thoughts on “Steve Jobs, CEO Apple: “Stay hungry! Stay foolish! Don’t settle!”

  1. this reminds me of your dare (and a whole lot more.)

    • yeap… you got me… it was meant for this purpose, in fact. i made it too obvious, i guess. 😀
      but… see? see? what if there would be no mr steve jobs? how about that?

  2. haha…. I’m trying to post this:

  3. you’re my blog-best-friend, GB. you know that? it’s heart warming. haha.

    • so from now on we can share cookies, go together to the kindergarten and build snowmen? can we? can we?
      i’m in! 😛

      • we’ll live and die by the buddy system:

      • : )) oki doki. so be it.

      • we’ll also fight evil-doers, if that’s cool with you…

      • as i said… i’m batman. no changes allowed.

      • ps: i’m a hell of a tomboy. so you don’t wanna play with me. anything. never. trust me. : ))

      • you’re a tomboy. i’m an american. what could go wrong?

      • and that’s exactly what Mickey once said to Mallory. or Sid to Nancy. the rest is history. : )))

      • haha… cool.

      • don’t post any comment while i’m not. 😀 : )))
        and if you think one of your comments is missing, that’s just your imagination. 😀

        your friend,
        batman. 😛

        take care and have a great (sunny) afternoon. 🙂

      • there, i’ve managed to find and get them all approved. didn’t have the time to do that yesterday.
        now it’s not your imagination anymore :)) , they’re all here. my wordpress is stubborn sometimes.

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