what’s the connection between pylons and bunnies?

“Is it odd to photograph pylons?”

… is asking Purple T.

Photo by Brian Micklethwai.


Truth be told, when I was 4 or 5, my mom and dad used to travel a lot, so I used to be always on the train, staring at the landscape. And, of course, the landscape involved not only cities and fancy buildings, but also desert fields and lots of lonely pylons (the type of pylons with lots of “floors”, not the kind of pylons in the photograph). And I remember I used to strongly think that on the top of those pylons, in those small “floors”, actually lived… little bunnies. Now that’s crazy! No wonder I ended up with a crazy imagination. 😀

So, to answer the question: what’s the connection between pylons and bunnies?

That would me. : ))

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50 thoughts on “what’s the connection between pylons and bunnies?

  1. PurpleT

    The bunnies did live up the pylons to keep safe from the big bad bunnie eating monster, and everyone should know that the big bad bunnie eating monster can’t climb pylons 🙂

    • good point! 🙂
      … and, of course, there must be also “The Shire”, a beautiful village (entirely made of pylons), where the big bad bunny eating monster can’t enter… because… because “The Shire” is actually guarded by a bunny-wizard, the most powerful rabbit ever. his most powerful weapon is the… the… the pink bubble gum. To be continued. : )) So, after reading this… you still think that taking photos of pylons is odd? 😀

      • PurpleT

        Now i have to see “The Shire”. Imagine the photos i could get of the Pylon village and all the little bunny homes. And i could interview the bunny wizard, possibly the first interview ever 🙂
        The pink bubble gum must stick anyone down who tries to enter The Shire without permission, what a wonderful weapon it must be. Are there pink bubble gum traps around the village? and lookouts in the pylons with pink bubble gum guns in case the big bunny eating monster tries to get them?

        My friends think i’m odd for photographing pylons, but then my friends tend to just think i’m odd anyway 🙂

      • And, of course, at the front gates a little bunny tells the visitors: “let’s take the bus to Heaven and punch our voyage-tickets with our teeth and smoke time with grandpas instead of filters”. But no one is actually hearing his words, cause he’s talking in an uninvented language. Only fireflies can understand that language. But not the usual fireflies. Only the fireflies that wear little rings on their toes. Oh, in The Shire you can travel by train, too. There are trains full of white, yellow, red and green (colours travel by train there, they have to go to work every morning, at the end of the rainbow). So you can barely find an empty seat in a train, cause of the colours. It will be a shame if the wizard would fail on day to protect this city. 🙂 So, again… it’s not odd to photograph pylons. It’s incredible … wonderful!

      • p.s.: odd is good. non-odd = ordinary. ordinary = boring. ; )

  2. PurpleT

    I can travel on the train because i’m Purple. But i don’t need a seat as i’m a lonely photographer who will keep moving about taking photos of all the lovely colours. So all the hard workers can use them as they need the well deserved rest as they travel.
    It would indeed be a terrible shame if one day the wizard failed to protect such a wonderful city. But i believe the wizard will never fail. With all the bunnies and the pink bubble gum, and all the colours to help, then the city will be safe for ever 🙂

    • PurpleT

      I had in mind to say that i was thinking you are just a little odd, but in that wonderful way of great imagination, and also, all the best people are at least just a little bit odd. Odd is definitely good!!
      I like your imagination 🙂

      I bought a new camera this week 🙂 I now have to work out all the new functions………but so far i like it a lot 🙂

    • … and i think i’ll stop imagining the bunny-village – at least around here – , or else people will start to think that i need to take some time off from… well… pretty much everything. : ))

      • PurpleT

        Nice link, that girl really has a great imagination. What a cool story 🙂

        I took the camera out around town last night and tested it in low light. I really like it. I’m hoping to get out walking in the countryside on Saturday, so i’ll test it even more. I’m all excited 🙂
        I’ll start a blog tonight and see if i can finish before bed…..*yawn*

        So the bunny village goes to sleep for a while……

        I get to work with wonderfully odd people, and creative people too.
        Nearly 20 years as a life model is odd in itself, but the teachers are quite wonderful most of the time. Working with students has sent most of them to the verge of insanity, they’re great. One at the university is quite mad. He has so many weird and wonderful stories, i’m sure you’d like him. And he has a slightly crazy look in his eyes at times……..He’s real fun to work with 🙂

      • good choice the EOS. almost all the people i know have an EOS. that’s really crazy. in spite of that, i think my favourite camera ever was a minolta. 🙂 it’s a real shame they shut down some DSLR-production lines. anyway.
        as for the university… my second greatest wish was to study photography. but my first greatest wish was stronger, so in the end i ended up not studying photography. 🙂 but i still like to wander around and take photos. i’m not doing that too often lately, so… you can say i’m both busy and lazy.
        go for that walk in the countryside. i’m looking forward to see the photos. oh, did you have snow there? and yes, i think i’d like that loony teacher of yours. :)))

  3. PurpleT

    I bought an EOS 5 years ago, but nearly got a Minolta as there wasn’t much to choose between them at the time. Alway been happy with the Canon gear though, it’s hard to go wrong with it.
    I tried to get to university a while ago. I applied locally as it’s a very good art photography course. I got the interview and they said the course was full so they couldn’t offer a place. They told a friend on the course they wanted me on it, so applied again, but the people you apply through decided i didn’t qualify even for an interview. Now the cost are going up and i can’t afford it…..
    My friend is stating a small company to try and sell to local people and businesses, so i’ll be involved in that with him.
    What did you study instead of photography? if you don’t mind me asking….

    I’ve blogged my first thoughts on the new camera, and with a few photos taken at night with it.
    Yes i’m going for the walk, and will no doubt take plenty of photos……
    We had snow for a while at the end of last year, but all gone now. I have some photos though 🙂

    • PurpleT

      It’s the Chinese New Year soon. It’s going to be the year of the Rabbit 🙂

    • let me tell you a story. 3 of the best (and talented) photographers i know have all have applied (in different years) to a local art & design university (aiming the photography department) . they all have been rejected. but they didn’t give up. now one of them is studying photography in the U.S. and ocasionally takes photos for a newspaper there. the other does the same thing in England, while teaching photography as a teaching assistant. and the third is working for a well known newspaper in my country and also for a photo studio.
      a no-name local university rejected them, but some of the best universities in the world didn’t.
      now… ain’t that funny?
      … photography classes are important, but they can’t make a photographer.
      if you’re talented, if you love photography and want to make a career out of it, you’ll make it anyway. 🙂

      • PurpleT

        It’s nice to hear of people doing well regardless of setbacks 🙂
        My local university isn’t great, but the photography is really good. It annoyed me that the system doesn’t work when the lecturers actually wanted me.
        I’m looking at other ideas with a friend, and fellow photographer, at the moment. We’re looking to photograph locally and sell to businesses and people, and hopefully photograph local events eventually. It’ll take time in the present economic climate, but hopefully if we work at it we’ll do ok. He’s worked for agencies etc for 25 years, and did his degree recently, so his experience will hopefully help us.

        You’re right about classes not making a photographer. In the past many would have just picked up a camera and learnt as they went along.
        If i’d had a camera when young then i think it’s what i would have done, but we barely did art at school, let alone photography. It’s like you had to be something special to be a photographer. I was pushed into engineering and that was that. Now i’m a poor life model with a passion for photography. Who knows what the future will bring 🙂

      • you’re not the only poor life model with a passion for smth. (:
        ah. i forgot: i also know people who are covering events. that’s a very good idea! 🙂
        come on! show me you can smash the system and get accepted next year. it’s a dare!

  4. PurpleT

    I’m photographing a small event next weekend. Not much money as it’s for a friend who is paying for it, and will make a loss, but it’s at least more practice…..

    As much as i’d like to take up your dare, with the government putting up tuition fees, and with the loans i’d have to get, it would leave me around £30-40,000 in debt. It’s going to be bad enough for young students, but for those of us a little older……
    With no guarantee of income afterwards, i’m not prepared to have that hanging over me. It would probably end up coming out of anything i inherit from my parents, and i’d rather that be used to secure my future rather than pay off debts.
    Theoretically the college i mainly work for, and have done for 20 years now, should help me improve my education, and my career with them. That would be great as i could get into teaching, or at least be a teaching assistant with them, and so have a more secure, and better, income. Unfortunately, it seems that as i get paid by the session, and have never had a formal contract with them, then pretty much all employment laws count for nothing. I’m going to keep trying to force them to to do more for me. Who knows, it might work..??

    • sometimes the system is so idiot. ok, not just sometimes. pretty much always, as far as i’m concerned.
      true, around here things are less complicated… but – in the end – the result is pretty much the same… talented people giving up their dreams or talented people not able to find a decent job in a stupid and corrupted system.
      but don’t give up. things will work out somehow. they always do, in the end.
      i’m sorry i can’t inspire more optimism. 😦 or give a more pertinent answer… the thing is, these days i’m pretty down myself. 😦 anyway, your ideas look like a great alternative, so go with them.
      p.s.: … then i’ll change my dare into… mhm… let’s see… i dare you to make more and more and more beautiful pictures. 🙂

      • PurpleT

        I realised a long time ago that systems are not meant to work for normal people. I would like to see that change in my lifetime……

        One way or another photography is going to play a big part in my life, and i have hopes for selling photos of the local area, even if it takes time.

        I will definitely take up your new dare 🙂

        I’m sorry you’re feeling down at the moment. Anything i can do….?

      • you’re really inspiring. really, really. 🙂
        … nope, you can’t do anything. but what you CAN do is take a lot of beautiful pics.
        here is such a sunny day and if it weren’t for the snow, i’d say it’s already summer.

  5. PurpleT

    Inspiring? You flatter me, thank you 🙂

    Our snow went weeks ago, but apart from the odd sunny day, it’s been a bit dull and damp recently.
    I did photograph a small anti cuts demo last night, and managed a few arty shots towards the end. I’ll blog some of them before the weekend 🙂

    • never say “thank you” for the truth. only for the lies. at least that’s what i do.
      oh, jeez, it’s 23:20, i’m going to miss again my clock allarm tomorrow morning. 😀
      can’t wait to see those pics. 🙂 i didn’t think i asked: do you have a fav. photographer?

      • PurpleT

        I’m lucky, i don’t usually have to get up early, though it does mean i tend to go to bed very late, so never get enough sleep. Sometimes i’m lucky to do a comfortable pose laying down, then i sleep at work 🙂
        You must be 2 hours ahead of us, though we go forwards an hour to British summertime in a few weeks…..

        Fav photographer…??? It’s impossible to say really. I search around and like a lot by unknown people. I like a lot of work that isn’t my style, perhaps because it’s not like the photos i do myself.
        When on a photography course in the late 90’s i found i liked Sally Mann a lot. Controversial because of the way she photographed her children, but i liked her style. She’s been doing a lot of old fashioned glass plate type photography in recent years. I’d love to try out the old techniques. They create beautiful images.

        I admire war photographers a lot. One of my fave’s being Don McCullin. A great photographer scarred by many years of war. I really like his early work too. I missed a talk by him last year as i didn’t have the money to get to it, but i did go to an exhibition of his war photography.
        Here’s a blog i wrote about it if you want to read it: http://purple-t100.blogspot.com/2010/05/don-mccullin-shaped-by-war.html
        The blog entry before it is about a Spencer Tunick mass nude photo installation i took part in last year. It’s kinda cool 🙂

      • i confess, i wasn’t familiar with all of their work before you’ve mentioned them. so i had to dig them out a little bit on gogle. they are awwwesome! you just got to make a full top 10. 😛 or just make a blog-series out of your fav photos and photographers, while also portraying them.

        the last great photographer i’ve discovered is… i think his name is finbarr o’reilly? :D. he won world press photo with this picture: http://lh5.ggpht.com/_qDKDAsu88iU/RlNRk9iej2I/AAAAAAAAA9o/q-jF-ZvKqkM/048.jpg

        and speaking of war, eddie adams and his saigon series are wow. i also like photojournalism pictures, like some of kevin carter’s works. but just some of them. if we’re speaking of classics, i also have to mention two of my old sweethearts: henri cartier-bresson and koudelka. oh, and there was a picture called black madonna, but i can’t remember who is the photographer. and right now i have in front of my eyes some great (very colourful and shocking, i suppose) pictures, but once again i can’t remember the photographer. 😦 i always do that: i remember the pictures, i forget the photographer. :-l

  6. PurpleT

    Another photographer…

    Walker Evans and his photos of America. I really love them, the poverty etc. It’s wonderful documentary of the era.
    I really like that type of work, and it’s probably what helps inspire me to try and document the way i see the world around me….It’s the social documentation for the future.
    A while back i saw some photos of Russia before the revolution. It was quite fascinating!
    And some of the first colour photos, the very first photo ever taken, and the first with people in.
    I find articles online and i sit looking and reading in awe!!!

    I should probably do a blog about it all sometime….:-)

  7. Tim

    I knew i recognised Finbarr O’Reilly’s name, and yes he has some good photography. I had to go look for Kevin Carter. I think i see what you mean, some of his work was definitely very good. I wasn’t sure about Koudelka until i looked at his photos and recognised some, then i realised i did know him. Eddie Adams was familiar, and of course he took some of the most remembered photos from Vietnam, and to add to him there’s Nick Ut who took the iconic photo of the naked girl, Kim Phuc, running away after a napalm attack. A photo that is both wonderful and terrible at the same time. I remember it from when i was a kid.
    I’m probably as bad as you for forgetting names and only remembering the photos. For me i think it’s the visual thing. I remember faces but not names…i remember photos, but not the photographer…..

    Though i do of course know Henri Cartier-Bresson. One of the names i always remember 🙂 said by many to be the greatest photographer of the 20th century. I saw a documentary some years ago to celebrate his 90th birthday. He came across as a really lovely, quiet spoken, and humble man. He had quite a remarkable history!

    You’ve had me searching the dark and dusty corners of my brain thinking of good photographers, so here’s a few i like.

    Robert Doisneau. Often well observed photos, and some with quite a playfulness about them. He had a good eye for photography.

    Robert Capa. Another famous mostly for war photography.

    Dorothea Lange. Similar to Walker Evans with some great studies of the depression era USA.

    Sebastião Salgado. I saw an exhibition where i live in the late 90’s. If i remember correctly, it was commissioned by Christian Aid and was about workers in India, especially in the big open mines.

    Here’s one of my all time favourite photos. It’s from the album cover of Green Mind by Dinosaur Jr http://www.chartstats.com/images/artwork/32155.jpg

    I can’t guarantee a blog on photographers too quickly. I’d have to give a lot of thought about who to include, and what to say about each one. I’ll perhaps build it slowly as a draft……. 🙂

    • i dunno why today WP asked me to approve your comments. usually i just have to approve one comment, then wordpress approves the rest of them without asking every time for my permission. that was odd… anyway. hehe, i wanted to mention robert capa. but, of course, i couldn’t remember his name. 😛 i am not sure and i’m too lazy to google, but i think he was Romanian. our photojournalism lecturer (she was/is such a nice person and also a talented photographer) used to talk a lot about him.

      o, and there’s another photographer i used to like. he used to work for … jeeeeeez!!!… can’t remember. of course! : )) he liked controversial photo-campaigns. one of his campaigns was about convicted people: they were waiting to be executed, people in the death row. another campaign depicted people dying of AIDS. he also had a photo of a priest kissing a nun, but most people remember only his photos of white and black babies playing together. i don’t necessarily like his photos, i like more his nerve and courage to go there and show to people like me and you the faces and eyes of those in the death row, the faces and eyes of those dying of AIDS. he wasn’t a great photographer, but i totally loved his ideas. for ex., the picture of the nun kissing a priest was nothing special, but i just couldn’t help but imagine that zillions of people offended by that image. and that made that photo great: he didn’t want to offend, he only wanted to make people look in the eyes their fears and taboos. he just loved to smash their comfort zone and make them see people or situations that they usually like to ignore. he just loved to depict controversial ideas.

      … anyway, i don’t like only famous photographers. i spot great photos on flickr almost everyday. 🙂 and i really like the fact that those people are not famous, ’cause sometimes being famous takes away that raw passion.
      p.s.: you’ve got no excuses :P, you already have a draft: your comment. 😛 you just have to add some photos, a little more words and there, you’ve got a wwwonderful post. 🙂

      p.s.2: i also love Magnum. the Magnum photographers are incredible! and “incredible” is just a pale shadow of what i mean. 🙂

      • PurpleT

        WP logged me out for some reason. I’d had another page open and when i closed it i came to comment, it made me put in name etc. When i returned to my dashboard i was logged out. I realised later…..I’m glad i don’t have to redo the comment 🙂

        I googled Capa and Wikipedia says he was Hungarian……

        I’ve seen a series of photos of death row prisoners. Could be the same photographer.
        It’s not always about it being a great photo, it’s like you say about the comfort zone. Getting people to see what they wouldn’t normally see can be very important.
        I went to an exhibition of photos about modern slavery last year. Mostly i guess it looked like extreme poverty, but with a few words to explain them they became very sad. Not all of it was true slavery as it was about people moving to work, but having to pay out as much as they would earn after working hard in extremely poor conditions in dangerous work, yet being forced back home with nothing.
        They also showed children that had been kidnapped and forced to work for nothing, and they’d often been beaten, or mutilated, if they’d tried to escape.
        Another section showed women forced to have sex with soldiers during wartime. They were just portraits of old women with a haunted look about them, and each one with a short story of their experience. Quite terrible!!

        P.S. I guess you’re right, i have written at least part of my draft 🙂 Though i want to look at photographers from other genres too, and maybe one or two of the unknown photographers 🙂

        P.S.2 The local university that i couldn’t get into has links with Magnum. They have photographers come along as guest lecturers. My friend was always on about them when he was at the uni
        We also have an international photo festival here in a couple of weeks. It lasts for a month. http://www.formatfestival.com/
        My friend is exhibiting in it, and he’s also managed to get on a street photography course run by Magnum photographers. It’s very expensive, but he got a bursary towards the cost. I think he was helped by working for the main venue of the festival, and last November he spent the day with Bruce Gilden doing street portraiture. Gilden is back for the festival.
        I wish everything didn’t cost so much as these are great people to learn from, still, i will get my mate to tell me everything 🙂

      • mmm. i still remember that capa had something to do with romania… maybe his parents or grandparents were not native Hungarians…? i will try to remember… i bet i won’t succeed, but at least i will try. 😀 and i just remembered another thing: those controversial campaigns I was talking about (the death row, AIDS, nun+priest etc.) were for the united colours of benetton. now i only need that guy’s name. : D … and that must have been a great exhibition! if you’ll ever want to take photos of modern slavery just drop by. i know many people working for … mhm… 300 Euro/month?… 9 hours/day? some of them are even PhDs. :-l

        don’t worry, one day you’ll get to meet those Magnum photographers, too. 🙂 i’ve always thought that smart and talented people are able to recognize other smart and talented people. if i were one of the magnum phtographers, i’d be thrilled to work with talented kids. i’d even give free classes, just for the hell of it.

        i must nudge you into writing more about photography and photographers, i’ve learnt so many interesting things from you so far. 🙂

  8. PurpleT

    I can’t really find anything about Robert Capa’s parents. He was born in Budapest with the name Endre Ernő Friedmann. He found work in Berlin after leaving home, but moved to France due to the rise of Nazism. He changed his name so it was more “American”.
    Maybe your lecturer just admired him a lot…..?

    I think i know the AIDS photos you mean now. I’ll have to do a search of the United Colours Of Benetton and see what i remember of them.
    I know someone who works for an organisation trying to eradicate AIDS in Africa especially children. She used some of my photos from protests in a presentation about taking action.

    If i had more money to travel i’d love to go around other countries and photograph all sorts of things, landscapes, architecture, culture, but also including the poverty, slave wages etc. But my own money is so bad. People think i get an ok hourly rate, but there’s no work during the holidays, and i get about 12 weeks without work during the summer. There’s not as much work during the winter as there used to be. My yearly income is the same as it was 10 years ago, and it was very poor then 😦
    All my money goes on photography, which is why i really need to earn something from it.

    With my mate involved in some of the photography festival, then who knows, i may manage to bump into one or two of the Magnum photographers. We’ll have to see 🙂

    I perhaps will start to put my thoughts about photographers and photography into blogs. It’s partly why i started a photo blog. I’ve just never liked writing all that much, but i do like discussing thoughts and ideas. With someone like you around, it makes me feel it’s worth the effort. You’re good to talk to 🙂

    P.S. I’ve been managing to look at a few of your old blog entries, there’s quite a lot 🙂 The google translator is useful….lol
    I’ll try to comment on some 🙂

    • neah, i’m not good to talk to. you know so much more than i do. plus, i’m kinda the opposite: i write a lot of senseless and stupid stuff. : ))
      as for the google translator, i got tired of both Romanian and English. 😀 i think i want to try a little Italian, too. : )) i’ve gone identity mad, as the song says.
      (non-related: mimi chakarova, jim fiscus, just found some of their pics in photo magazine.)
      oh, and mr. capa’s origin is really bugging me now. i’ll write to andreea (my teach.) and ask her if he had indeed romanian roots. she won’t mind. she’ll just think i’m crazy. oh well. i can handle that.
      as for travelling the world… i’m drooling. a few years ago i’ve met – quite by chance – a he, a she, and a doggie: lorena, julian and the little trico. they were travelling around the globe in a moto. they’ve left argentina 10 years ago and were planning to continue the happy trip for 10 more years. 🙂 they were lovely people, i only spent a few hours with them and felt like i knew them since forever. i think i have a post about them, i will search for it. that’s the kind of thing i’ve always wanted to do: leave one day, see everything and then get back in 10 or 20 years. that would be so great. and insane.

      • PurpleT

        Well i like talking to you 🙂
        You’ve helped me look again at who and what i like in photography, and so what photography i want to do, and you encourage me, so of course you’re good to talk to. And it started with bunnies up pylons 🙂

        “senseless and stupid stuff”, but also interesting and fun. Your blogs say something about what you like, and so who you are……
        If it seems i know more than you do, then get me onto something i know nothing about, and you’ll soon see how stupid i can be…..lol

        You did a blog with the Hunter S Thompson cover letter for a job. I’d just looked at yours, and then a friend, Alain, posted an article of the same cover letter on facebook…..coincidence 🙂
        Alain is another photographer, from France. Last time we met was in a pub in London in October 2009. We got drunk talking photography and i nearly missed my last train home…lol

        You’ve got me intrigued by Mr Capa’s origins now. You must write to Andreea as i’d love to know.

        Jim Fiscus and Mimi Chakarova. Two more names to google 🙂

        When i was younger i wanted to climb the mountains of the world. I was a fanatical rock climber. To climb, walk, scramble up a mountain and see the world spread out around you is something that fills me with awe, and it always will. And to climb even a short rock face has a great beauty about it. The personal challenge to do the climb is great, but also the feel of the movement over the rock is something i’ve always found hard to describe……I’ve had such frightening moments, but also probably the greatest moments of my life when reaching the top of a climb that’s scared me sh*tless. The fear, and ultimate exhilaration of reaching the top, plus the beautiful views. I still feel it inside me now 🙂
        When i was just 16 i could have died on a mountain in Norway, yet it’s still one of the happiest times of my life (maybe i’ll tell you the story sometime) For all the dull times, i’ve managed a few exciting times too 🙂

        It’s not just the mountains i want to see though, it’s the people and where they live, the villages, towns, and cities……
        I would still love to travel the world…I’ve not made it out of Europe yet. Maybe i’ll manage it sometime…?

      • d’oh… bunnie and pylons. lucky i don’t go around telling that to every person i met. 😀

        haha, hunter thompson is like a candy to me. i could talk about him for hours. : ))) yeah, i’m obsessed. it’s just that i love him. tom wolfe, too. truman capote, too. norman mailer and gay talese, too. they are the happy gang behind the new journalism. and thompson is the one who invented the gonzo journalism. he was a very crazy man. many people used to love him without having read not even one single article or book of his. he was so damn charistmatic. and crazy talented. of course, he admitted he wrote all of his books stoned, but that doesn’t change the fact he was quite smth. I’m glad that Alan likes Thompson, too. 😛 oh… maybe you did see the little sheep hidden in the eiffel tower…? they say the tour eiffel has its little sheep, too. 😛

        and climbing sounds great. i’ve never did that. you just gotta tell me more about it. 🙂

    • found it! meet lorena, julian, the little trico and la porota (their moto’s nickname): https://gabrielabadica.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/lorena-julian-trico-y-la-porota/
      lovely people. 🙂

      • PurpleT

        It’s nice to meet lovely people 🙂
        We should all try to live our dreams…..

      • yeap. we should. but many times – at least here – it’s about money. hehe. in my next lifetime i will be the next bill gates. : ))

  9. PurpleT

    So much is down to money here as well….

    In my next life i’ll be a garden gate 🙂 I’ll have a camera fitted and i’ll photograph the world as it passes me by….hehehe

  10. PurpleT

    I should probably read more by these journalists. I’ve become more interested as i get older. I think it’s the photography bringing out an interest in journalism, though there’s always been a few i like to read, or watch on TV. But i have a habit of getting sidetracked by photos……..
    With the internet i also get bombarded with news non stop, and it gets in the way of good reporting, or reading up on interesting people 😦

    If you ever get the chance to go climbing then take it. It’s not for everyone, but for me it’s………i don’t know?? Almost spiritual i guess. Not in a religious way, but more the way you can feel at one with what’s around you at the time. The feel of the rock, the movement, the personal challenge, the fear, but also the surroundings, and the company. Climbing with a good friend, and sharing those experiences away from the craziness of the world is something always remembered.
    I will tell you more, though it will probably have to be in e-mail. It won’t be a short note…..lol

    • hehe. then i want to be one of those little sheeps and travel around the world in someone’s pocket. 🙂 ps: i think you’ve figured out i love your last post. and i hope WP will post this comment, i’ve never replied via my email.

      • PurpleT

        Well if i come back as a person instead of a garden gate, then i’ll put you in my pocket as i’ll just have to travel the world 🙂

        I got the impression you liked my post. I’m glad, as i thought, and hoped you would 🙂

      • i was thinking to write about the ugly beauty around. but i think it will have to wait. bed, dear bed, i’m coming. : (

    • i’ll reply tomorrow, i hate the fact i’m hurried up here. :D:D:D

      • PurpleT

        I look forward to it 🙂
        Here it just gets late, and finally i fall asleep, but i like the night, i always have….

    • don’t mail-threaten me, just DO it. lol, i think it’s so obvious i really like Nike’s commercials. : ))
      now i’m down with flu. :S so this time my comments are shorter cause my mum and dad will kill me if they catch me here, so out of my bed. 😀

      • PurpleT

        Get yourself well so we can chat some more. I’ll have nothing to do at night if you’re unwell 😦

        Being around students all the time there’s almost always bad colds, flu, sickness bugs going around. Somehow i’ve not picked up anything bad for 2 1/2 years. I keep thinking that surely the next one will get me, but i keep surviving…..

        I hope you’re feeling much better soon x

      • i’m feeling well… not! but that’s kinda funny, right now – i think i’ve already mentioned it – i’m at home (my real home) so i’m better than if i’d be really okay. 🙂

  11. PurpleT

    The home comforts of family eh 🙂

    • i wouldn’t use these words… 😀 a little “family comfort” example: “so why are you still up? and why don’t you want to become a PhD?? do you realize it’s such a shame to quit NOW? what do you want to do with yourself? do you want to go back to Cluj? do you want to stay in Bucharest? Bucharest would be so much better. and would you answer the phone more often? and drop the “back to writing” idea, you’ll never be there again with the whole financial meltdown. and forget about moving back to Cluj. you’re acting so childish. let’s talk about your plans!” :- ))))

      • PurpleT

        Oh yeah! Parents! lol
        I had a lot of that when i was younger….”get your hair cut! tidy yourself up! get a job (millions unemployed during a recession, and they say get a job….)
        I even got stuff like “Why haven’t you got a girlfriend? Don’t you like girls?”

        I think they finally stop nagging when you reach about 120 years old, or at least i’m hoping they do 😉

        If i had a child i’d just want he/she to be happy. Monetary wealth may bring security and comfort, but not always happiness.
        The way i live is not how i’d like it to be, but i like what i do and accepted poor money rather than do something i hated, though as previously said, it would be nice if the system worked to help me improve myself…….

        So tell me, what do you plan to do…..hehehe

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