rain is coming down like the Dow Jones.

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19 thoughts on “rain is coming down like the Dow Jones.

  1. what’s to like about a shallow post?, the condescending & high maintenance snobbish smartass asked.

  2. have you ever noticed the constant Justin Bieber flame war waged within the comments of almost every song on YouTube? it’s crazy. and you’re not snobbish. smartass? Maybe. Only because you’re smart. 🙂

    • it would be really hard not to notice. 😀
      forget bieber, if i have to like one of the new kids, i’ll choose disney’s knight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOuErtbjslY
      i hope he’s at least 18. : )) ok, ok, now i’m really gone.

      • oh man. I watched that clip… and the other one. The disney channel? Do you remember when I pretended I was done reading/commenting on your blog… well… this might have pushed me over the ledge again…

  3. … at least he’s funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCOLo4IBIC8 and he’s – also – the ultimate snobbish bad and smartass. : )) okkkkkk, goneeeeeeeeee.

    “do they, sonny, do they really?” : ))) this line is his trademark. : )) not that i’d watch disney channel. :D:D:D

  4. self-note:
    DO NOT forget to erase the disney channel comment. =))

  5. you gotta love him. 😀

    • yikes. sometimes you learn too much. today I did. hehe.

      • did you learn too much, did you really?
        oh, i’m really sorry i’ve scared you.
        i surely didn’t want that.
        … but, you see, there’s more to find out.
        did you know that i’m actually a vampire?
        you know… transylvania… the countess’ and count’s daughters = little vampires all over.
        but don’t worry… they say friends don’t let friends drink friends. well… at least sometimes.
        only NOW you can say you did learn too much.



      • … and now that i think you’ve already read the last comment… well… now I think i can finally say it… i just…
        … had to have my revenge – once again – for making me believe – once again – you had enough of my posts. 😀
        i hope you’ve learned your “i won’t tease anymore” lesson. and i certainly do hope the count stuff scared you! : ))
        have a nice weekend!

  6. and comments are closed. 😀

  7. what?! No… at least I get to say “Have a nice weekend” back? Have a nice weekend!! Sorry, busy day today… and when i read it i couldn’t come up with anything clever. Still can’t… except… vampires are cool. Wish I was one too. 🙂

    • vampires lost their dignity when twilight came out. :-l
      if i have to like a vampire… i go with eric/true blood.
      the funniest and smartest vampire around. and badass.
      comments are closed. 😀
      now go back to work.

      • If I had to pick a vampire…. i’d go with jim carrey, once bitten. Top that! Comments closed!! 😉

      • mhm… you must definitely see Eric. 😀
        no, you don’t have to… i’m subjective.
        there is also Bill (i think?), the good vampire of True Blood.
        but he’s such a… beautiful, perfect and … boring sweetheart. no way in hell. Eric is the best! 😀

  8. self-note: speaking of witch and Eric/Alexander Skarsgård… i think dr Reid/Matthew Gray goes second now i’ve remembered Skarsgård. : ))
    i’m gone, i’m gone, don’t shoot me. comments closed.

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