süskind’s perfume.

Funny how one random-person-on-the-street’s perfume can make you go back with every step you take  forward. Moving back while you’re walking forward. But that’s not unusual, isn’t it? It’s just another (wicked) way of writing the word “memory” when you don’t want to admit its existence. Anyway. That’s also a perfectly good reason to re-explore Süskind’s talent. Sometimes – but just sometimes – perfumes are to readers what earthquakes are to guitars: just another good vibration. And Süskind is certainly the ultimate connoisseur.

Being stuck in airports all the time, you always end up buying perfumes and sunglasses. I can’t remember who said it.  But that proves one important thing. Memories, gifts, art: perfume is such a great actor, it can play so many roles and can do so many things for our ennui. However… “There is only one thing the perfume can’t do…”, Süskind writes. Which one? Well, I could tell you. But then I’d ruin the whole surprise. And, second, I’d lose my smartass aura. ((: So… I’ll let you discover it all by yourself. It’s a grrreat book, trust me on that.

Patrick Süskind – Perfume/Das Parfum

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