video hoes: they’re here for your entertainment.

I know I’m a die-hard rock fan, a mainstream/alternative addict and also a ’80s-’90s’ music rough lover, but that doesn’t make me a saint. I am not an old-fashioned freak who’s obsessively listening all day long only to Oasis, Pink Floyd, Guns N’ Roses, Beatles and Metallica. A different lover is not a sin, therefore I like to cross genres and I can easily switch from jazz to rock, from metal to soul, from Nirvana to Louis Armstrong, from Jimi Hendrix to Frank Sinatra, from Abba to Marilyn Manson. And sometimes I also like to take a chance with new artists. Of course, most of the times I feel very sorry after doing that, especially when I only run into garbage music, meaningless lyrics, talentless bimbos, price tags and video sluts with no voice whatsoever, screaming and yelling (not singing) from the top of their lungs about chains and whips, umbrellas, bikinis, martinis, california gurls, bad romances or disco sticks. I hold nothing against video hoes – after all, they gotta make a living, too – but, as I’ve already said somewhere, if you really want to sleep your way to the top, at least make sure before you’ve got a little talent whatsoever or make sure you can at least sing (a good voice can sometimes make the whole difference; translation: it can make your garbage songs bearable for the audience). Anyway, if a worst case scenario were on its way and I’d have to waste 5 minutes of my life on listening to garbage music and watching video hoes, then my hoe of choice would be – undoubtful – Adam Lambert. Just like everybody else in the music industry nowadays, he’s trashing it up for money; but the main difference is that at least he’s also got a great, real voice coming out of those goth-pop lungs: this dude was on American Idol and bullied with that great voice of his even the diabolic Mr. Simon Cowell, who took a bow in front of Lambert’s live interpretation (only those who know the hyper-critic and bitchy Simon Cowell I’m talking about can realize the GREAT thing Lambert achieved). Plus, if you put aside the commercial side of his music, this dude’s vocals are off the chart. It’s like a symphony every time he sings live. He could sing even the phonebook and it would still sound amazing. Oh… Ladies, just in case you were wondering: no, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But he does have a boyfriend. Sorry. 😀

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2 thoughts on “video hoes: they’re here for your entertainment.

  1. p.o.d.

    go, go, gadget! 😀

    • : ))) app, chiar semeni cu adam man asta de cand cu freza noua. 😀
      no pun intended, please don’t kill me. :)))

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