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yellow, world!

Okay, so what I’ve been up to since I marked my blog as private? Mmm. Tough question. Among other (serious) things:

– I woke up one morning and I decided to cut off my (really long) hair. So now I have a really short and crazy haircut. But I totally l-l-love it! I will share some pictures, if you’re good.
– I wrote down an interesting dream about an unicorn with 5 hearts and turned it into a surreal short story. I will publish it soon. I can’t wait to share it with you! If you think Tolkien has a wild imagination, just wait and see mine.
– I totally loved exchanging business ideas with Nigel (thank you, Nigel!)
– I’m planning to change this blog’s identity and turn it into something very… experimental. Nigel inspired me this time, too. But that’s a surprise.
– I discovered a very funny remake of Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand” (it’s called “Stela Popescu”) and thought you’ll love it, too. I certainly do! B R I L L I A N T!!! I’ll post it later on, now I gotta run.

(for you, foreign readers, Stela Popescu is… Romania’s Barbra Streisand, let’s say… :)))

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dog days.

By Stephan.

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all the right faces…

“They’ve got
All the right friends in all the right places
So yeah, we’re going down.
They’ve got
All the right moves in all the right faces
So yeah, we’re going down…”
(One Republic – “All the right moves”)

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when coconut man met moon head.

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do it like a dude!

Ladies, when you’re a copywriter (by choice or by mistake), there are only 3 rules to keep in mind:

1) work like a dog, work like a dog, and work like a dog.
2) act like a lady, but don’t curse like a lady, dammit!!!
(Always remember copywriters are proud that somewhere there are a bunch of foul-mouthed sailors sitting around saying: “You are cursing like a copywriter.”)
3) think like a man, write like a man, do it like a man.

I’m sorry, I know I’m a chick and I should think otherwise, but the truth is that dudes are far more creative than babes (no wonder that 90% of the copywriters are men). The rest, (meaning the exception to the rule a.k.a. the 10% of creative women in the business), make the huge mistake to do it like a woman. They think like a chick. They write like a chick. And that’s why I can always figure out if a commercial is written by a chick or by a dude. When the message is missing a powerful idea and execution, when the message is all lovey-dovey and all about softness-cuteness-puppies-hearts-rainbows-butterflies, when the message is slipping my mind cause the idea has no spikes on it, I always think to myself: “That copywriter was a chick for sure”. So, to make it short, ladies, please do me 3 favours:

1) don’t write like a woman, do it like a man.
2) don’t bring pretty drinks in the office. bring beer.
3) be nice, don’t burn your boss’ eyes by wearing hot pink!

Extra-rule: advertising is all about powerful messages, powerful imagery and powerful executions. It’s all about being cutting edge. It’s all about spikes, knives and razors. It’s all about being a dentist and extracting out of your head and mouth real sharp ideas and words. So, ladies, please don’t be afraid to wear spikes over your favourite lipstick. (;

AdSip Girl

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An important advertising AND media lesson. 

Photo Credits: BBC

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Hit me baby one more time. Just try…

Intunecate, vibrante, seducatoare, agresive, batute, cucerite, avute, dominate, invinse, dar niciodata spasite.

Asa ar putea fi descrise supra-femeile lui Brian Viveros. Da, supra-femei. Pentru ca ele nu sunt femei obisnuite. Sunt ireale, sunt razboinice, sunt agresive, sunt suferinde, sunt vulnerabile, sunt parca proaspat iesite din transeele unui razboi interior purtat cu gloante oarbe, dar pierdut in rujul rosu-aprins sau in invitatia subtila de a linge o rana, invitatie care te arunca fara sa vrei in dansul Calugaritei.

Supra-femeile lui Viveros sunt o noua specie feminina, incarcata cu o sexualitate  agresiva si dezbracata de orice forma de delicatete. Au sani obraznici si dezgoliti, au buze rosii si sfasiate, au zgarieturi fine, senzuale si tigari pe jumatate fumate, au bandaje patate cu sange mai rosu decat culorile corridei, au ochii tulburi, incetosati si rimelul intotdeauna intins.

Supra-femeile lui Viveros sunt intotdeauna incrustate in background-uri care gem de agresivitate, poti sa le vezi parca iesind dintr-o sala de box sau luptand pe un camp de razboi. Viveros transforma insa agresivitatea scenelor de lupta in adevarate scene de preludiu, care invita la fantezii urcate pe pereti si la tentatia draceasca de a-ti duce iubitul in galeria de arta si de a-l urechea bine de tot si in cazul in care zaboveste prea mult cu privirea pe ele, si in cazul in care nu zaboveste suficient de mult.

E in femeile lui Viveros o senzualitate diafana, care il face pe privitor sa vrea sa muste din buzele rosii si sfasiate, din bandajele care se muleaza pe degetele subtiri, din irisii negri, tulburi si plansi, ascunsi cu grija sub o perdea de rimel gros. E in femeile lui Viveros ceva din stralucirea taioasa a jocului dintre toreador si animalul invins, insangerat, care se incapataneaza sa provoace pana la final. E in ochii femeilor lui Viveros un bolavicios Sindrom Stockholm care se instaureaza cu brutalitate, fara sa tina cont de regulile razboiului. E in buzele carnoase, rosii si sfasiate ale femeilor lui Viveros un fel de basm cu zâne pentru adulti, care le ingaduie sa incalce de nenumarate ori legile verosimilitatii si sa subjuge fara nicio instiintare prealabila.

Erotismul lui Viveros e uneori morbid, alteori amuzant, alteori torturant. Niciodata  insa plictisitor sau previzibil. Iar supra-femeile lui – desi chinuite de razboaie invizibile cu ele insele, cu sangele cald siroindu-le diafan din coltzul gurii, desi invinse brutal de mine antipersonal imaginare, desi cucerite, iubite, avute, dominate si iar iubite atunci cand dimineata zac lenese si ireal de transparente pe sub cearsafurile albe – nu isi pierd niciodata capacitatea de a subjuga si de a seduce iremediabil privitorul.

Supra-femeilor lui Brian Viveros li se potriveste – poate – cel mai bine versul lalait nedrept de monoton de catre Fred Durst in “Behind blue eyes”: “My love is vengeance. That’s never free“.

Femeile lui Viveros au in ochi acea obraznicie senzuala si obsedanta care te invita fie la o joaca platonica si frenetica in care nu exista castigator, fie la genul de iubire atat de intensa, incat sfarseste intotdeauna prin a declansa razboi total. Nu vei alege insa niciodata niciuna dintre aceste doua variante. Te vei multumi doar sa accepti invitatia de a le linge ranile, sa le pansezi loviturile si sa le stergi – usor, patern, delicat, cald, cu grija, incet si platonic – rimelul intins. Dupa care – ca orice femeie capricioasa, constienta de cat e de frumoasa – ele se vor ridica nonsalant si vor pleca fara sa iti spuna “multumesc”.

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i love original (and illuminati :)) gifts!

This is a wire wrapped pendant and it has been created using an old (native american, d’oh!) pocket watch. And yes, I also think this pendant resembles a lot the Illuminati’s “all seeing  eye“. But since it’s so creative, original and highly surprising, I don’t really care about  Freeemasonry’s occult symbolism! 😀

Below you can check out its non-illuminati, non-occult, good half. : )) Note: I don’t own this picture, it belongs to I’ve posted it just because I like the drawing inside it. And the dragonfly. Oh, the words surrounding it are also absolutely lovely: article, photograph, fairy, gnom, again… Exquisite, indeed! 🙂

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“An ambigram is a typographical design or artform that may be read/seen/understood as one or more words/shapes/objects not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, or orientation. It works if oriented in two different ways, usually when reflected in a vertical axis or when rotated through 180 degrees. The shapes/objects/words readable in the other viewpoint, direction or orientation may be the same or different from the original words/shapes/objects.” (Wiki)

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black butterflies.

“I say to our friends I’m happy now we’re done and that I’m doin’ fine
Then you come smiling: Well, go ahead, baby; I got plenty of time.”
(Bruce Springsteen)

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