do it like a dude!

Ladies, when you’re a copywriter (by choice or by mistake), there are only 3 rules to keep in mind:

1) work like a dog, work like a dog, and work like a dog.
2) act like a lady, but don’t curse like a lady, dammit!!!
(Always remember copywriters are proud that somewhere there are a bunch of foul-mouthed sailors sitting around saying: “You are cursing like a copywriter.”)
3) think like a man, write like a man, do it like a man.

I’m sorry, I know I’m a chick and I should think otherwise, but the truth is that dudes are far more creative than babes (no wonder that 90% of the copywriters are men). The rest, (meaning the exception to the rule a.k.a. the 10% of creative women in the business), make the huge mistake to do it like a woman. They think like a chick. They write like a chick. And that’s why I can always figure out if a commercial is written by a chick or by a dude. When the message is missing a powerful idea and execution, when the message is all lovey-dovey and all about softness-cuteness-puppies-hearts-rainbows-butterflies, when the message is slipping my mind cause the idea has no spikes on it, I always think to myself: “That copywriter was a chick for sure”. So, to make it short, ladies, please do me 3 favours:

1) don’t write like a woman, do it like a man.
2) don’t bring pretty drinks in the office. bring beer.
3) be nice, don’t burn your boss’ eyes by wearing hot pink!

Extra-rule: advertising is all about powerful messages, powerful imagery and powerful executions. It’s all about being cutting edge. It’s all about spikes, knives and razors. It’s all about being a dentist and extracting out of your head and mouth real sharp ideas and words. So, ladies, please don’t be afraid to wear spikes over your favourite lipstick. (;

AdSip Girl

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