granturi pentru jurnalistii de investigatie.

Freedom House Romania lanseaza cea de-a doua editie a programului “Supporting Investigative Journalism”.

Programul isi propune sa sustina/sa dezvolte jurnalismul investigativ din Romania si sa profesionalizeze jurnalistii care au un minim de experienta investigativa. Ei vor  beneficia de granturi in valoare totala de 10.000 de Euro si de stagii de pregatire in redactiile unor publicatii prestigioase din Marea Britanie (in acest an la Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Londra). Cei care doresc sa aplice o pot face pana in 30 aprilie 2011 (inclusiv).

Pentru mai multe detalii: Ramona Diaconu (coordonator de program): ramona[at] sau freedomhouse[at]

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8 thoughts on “granturi pentru jurnalistii de investigatie.

  1. PurpleT

    This is good, i like it. The world needs good investigative journalists.

    • yup. they’re offering internships in London. 😛 ps: speaking of your Paris Hilton post: i didn’t know you have a paparazzi agency (PapPics) until last week. they were here. unfortunately i wasn’t able to attend.

      • PurpleT

        i know of PapPics, but don’t know much about them…
        me and Gary were talking a while ago about finding someone we could follow like the paps do. just go everywhere taking photos and see if we could make them a celebrity purely from taking the photos.
        i’m sure it’d be an interesting project, but too time consuming, and probably no money in it unless we were really successful.

      • what a great idea! and funny. 😛 i love it!

        erm… money… yeah, i know… but you could try anyway. you never know… if that person is really funny, interesting and colourful, people will love her/him. and i’m sure that, just like me, another zillion people would be interested to see the result. 🙂

      • PurpleT

        i mentioned it to Gary again today. if we found the right person and could make the time then we might just give it a go. it’d be fun to see if it could work….

      • this is another project i loved:

        at first it was just a blog. then it turned into this book that documents a year’s daily exchange of photos–one picture taken each morning and swapped by email–between two friends. now i think they started a new project called “a year of evenings.” i thought it was cute and i used to check out their flickr really often.

      • PurpleT

        Interesting idea 🙂

        a facebook friend in America has a diner breakfast with her sister every Thursday morning. she posts photos of the food and does a brief review. i quite like these sorts of ideas…..

      • hehe. niceee. right now i’d love to have cristophe gilbert as a brother and get photographed every thursday morning. 😛

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