a kind of red magic.

It’s not that I hate supermarkets’ multi-coloured Easter eggs.
It’s just that I’m way too in love with my grandparents’ traditions. I’ve been raised in the countryside, therefore my heart will always be as raw as a white trash’s heart can get. No matter the fancy cities, no matter the luxurious offices, no matter the expensive things.
When I was little, my grandma used clover (and other plants’ leaves) to create beautiful shapes and shades on Easter eggs. Not to mention she used to colour them by using only… boiled onion leaves. So, this Easter, I thought to make her a surprise. And this is pretty much what I’ve been up today:

I’m writing this post from our countryside mansion and I’m having so much fun here.
The sky is limpid like a blue-eyed kid, the sun shines in million different colours, all the flowers, trees and hearts are in bloom, the funny frogs in the little lake near our mansion are performing a beautiful serenate, spring’s perfumes are invading my head and skin, my two dogs are madly in love with me, an army of bees is dancing all over the gaden, I’m easy like Sunday morning and it’s almost like I’m in a different dimension.
I really couldn’t be happier. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “a kind of red magic.

  1. PurpleT

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    • yeah, yeah, yeah, laughhhh, i’m old fashioned, though no one actually seems to believe me. : ))

      • PurpleT

        I like it, i like what you’ve done, i like what your grandma did, and i like that you’re happy 🙂
        There’s nothing wrong with old fashioned, it can often be far better, more thoughtful, and much nicer, than modern. Your picture above shows this. I like very much 🙂 🙂

      • (: (: (:

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