mila’s daydreams.

When she’s not working as a copywriter, Adele Enersen loves to create dream worlds around her sleeping baby girl, Mila, and then snaps photos. The result? Eye candy! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “mila’s daydreams.

  1. Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching something and your post looks very inspiring for me. Great page you are running there. And many thanks for posting this.

  2. PurpleT

    that’s kinda cool. not the sort of thing i’d do myself, but i quite like it 🙂

    • i would do it. uber-cute. 🙂 i just need to buy/borrow a baby. 😀

      • PurpleT

        there must be a baby somewhere that can be borrowed..?? i have a friend with one, maybe she’ll send it over… 😀

      • renting babies… how come no one turned this idea into a business? 😀

      • PurpleT

        considering people pay somebody to sit with their baby whilst they go out, then surely it’s a good idea to rent out the baby for the night. that way you get the night out, and get the money 😀

      • “Do you have your mum and dad coming to visit again? Save time and patience by renting them a grandchildren. We proudly intermediate baby rentals. Our customers can count on our reliable service, cleanliness and quality products. Select a category to fit your needs: Sweet Dreams (rent him for one night), Baby on the Go (for a few hours), Sun Fun (for vacation). We also offer packages for affordable weekly rates.”

        : D

      • PurpleT

        you should be in advertising 😉
        you’d have me hooked with that advert 🙂 🙂

      • advertising? mmm.

        i can see your new post, but not the pictures. that’s not new. oooo, oooo, oooooooo, i can’t wait the day i will throw this stupid pc out of the window.

        : ((

      • PurpleT

        unfortunately the photos are an integral part of the blog 😦

        i’ve been so busy recently. no time for blogs, and there’s a few i wanted to do. may be able to catch up with some of it, but the moment has passed for others 😦
        i got stacks of photos though, and i’m trying something a bit different too 😉

  3. DrPepper

    Oren Lavie…the baby version 😀

    • Hehe. Jur, JUR ca m-am gandit la Oren Lavie. Great minds… 😛
      Mmmmmm, cum ar suna sa iti fac un blog cadou de ziua ta? 😀
      Ar trebui sa promiti c-o sa scrii pe el, dar astea-s deja detalii. : ))

      • DrPepper

        :)) more bloggin’ for me…too much brain damage…tryin’ to recover…tryin’ to recover….tryin’ to recover… 😀

      • :)))))))) but why, but why, but why, but why, but why, but why? blogging does not damage the brain, blogging does not damage the brain, blogging does not damage the brain, blogging does not damage the brain, blogging does not damage the brain!

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