SD always jokes around saying he wants to make these little white posters that say “Fuck Bucharest!” on them because he loves Bucharest so much but in another way he wants to explode it, ruin it and recreate it, then ruin it again and recreate it because he doesn’t want any status attached to Bucharest. He doesn’t want any pretence attached to it because he wants it to be something that everyone could have, feel and love. Beautiful, tangible and something from the inside. Therefore, my little post was inspired by him and his idea. Below you can find Bucharest according to me. Unfortunately, I can’t say: “Fuck Bucharest!” I can’t say it mostly because I truly believe that you have to Love something before you can Hate it. And I haven’t reached that point… yet. Maybe someday. For now I only want to make Bucharest MINE.

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10 thoughts on “mine.

  1. PurpleT

    It makes me want to walk the city with you, to discover, to document…….to take photographs.

    • who says you can’t? maybe you’re stuck inside these four walls, but you aren’t stuck in your head.
      xavier de maister would agree. 😛 http://photo.goodreads.com/books/1173795679l/328696.jpg

      • PurpleT

        Inside these four walls i travel the world…….one day i might even work out how to take photographs of it all from within these walls 😀

      • so where are you now? and what do you see? i’m in a cab in new york. 😀

      • PurpleT

        Yes i know you are, you just jumped in the cab i hailed, i nearly missed me train cos of that 😀
        I’m now on my way to Alaska 🙂

      • you’re not the only one making his way through the snow. 😛
        it’s snowing in New York, at the moment. all the dirt is covered in
        snow… and the snow is wet and slushy, but it’s also sticky and that
        makes it ideal for building snow forts. i’d really want to stop and
        just… build one. but i have to catch a plane to Tokyo. 😛
        gamblers, hobos, rockstars, womanizers, neon lights and hi-tech signs,
        big streets, big buildings, big dreams, people wanting to escape the
        crowds, everything makes you feel like you’re really immersed in a
        really crazy world. and, man, i really, REALLY love these yellow cabs.
        Yellow Cabs
        yellow cabs are epic. totally love them! haha, look! a beautiful girl with
        really shiny red boots passes us by. did you see that? she’s dimpled.

      • PurpleT

        shiny red boots……i like 😉

        so you made it to Tokyo ok? The slushy snow didn’t hold you up?
        the snow here in Alaska is so very white, and it’ keeps snowing, and snowing, and snowing, but i’m out to get the photos of polar bears in the snow, i just got walk over the hill…..over there…..somewhere…..in the snow….

        we have yellow cabs back home……

      • i’m obsessed with yellow cabs in NY. i’ve even mentioned my yellow-cab-addiction :)) in the “this is me” section. THAT obsessed. and i usually don’t say/write “hello”, but “yellow”. ps: now i’m in new mexico, roswell. 😀

      • PurpleT

        I’ll have to photograph some of our yellow cabs for you then 🙂 🙂

      • yay…llow! 😛

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