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Tell me a story.

I shared my stories over time, now it’s your turn. Will you tell me a story? It can be random, from childhood, someone else’s, about your pet, your job, your kids, a moment with your grandparents, first love, lost love, a quirky or funny moment, poetry, a chance meeting, something that hurts, something that makes you happy, a rare or serendipitous encounter, a secret you’re dying to get off your chest, a rock concert, rocket science… anything at all. Perhaps you wrote a story in your mind about someone you saw on your way to work, or it’s the dream you had last night. Maybe it’s found in a person you met a million and a half hours ago, maybe it’s found in a picture you recently took. It can be 10 words, 200, 3.000 or haiku. Go ahead, do justice to that tiny story waiting to be told, give it your best shot! Get it out of your mind and throw it out just like you’d throw a bottle into the ocean. Forget what you’re doing now and just allow yourself to play along. 🙂 If it’s long, just add another post in reply to continue.

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Ira Glass on storytelling.

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For some great design good talent is crucial.

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Satirizing Surveillance: The Camerahead Project.

The Camerahead Project, a public art project, aims to dramatize the oversaturation of surveillance by adding to it. The project (started by Paul Strong) is presented through the eyes of 10 Camerahead agents, and the images they record; they casually walk around the streets or literally pop up in public spaces wearing huge surveillance camera props on their heads. The exaggeration of the “camera heads” highlights the invasiveness and insidiousness of surveillance cams, while the black suits are a nice play on the “Men in Black”, shadowy government officials working behind the scenes and snooping on people. This whole project not only raises the questions of who is watching who, and who is watching the watchers, but also asks questions of why we are being watched at all. All the images are captured by George Hickey.


“My favorite tunes? Well, there’s “I am a camera” by The Buggles, “Eye in the sky” by the Parsons Project… Rockwell’s “Somebody’s watching me… ”

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Don’t touch my universe.

Let’s play a game. What’s the first thing you notice when you see this picture?

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O poveste. (II)

David Ogilvy despre Raymond Rubicam, unul dintre mentorii sai. O lectie pentru cei care nu inteleg ca respectul nu are functie, iubirea nu are cancel, iar pasiunea nu are antidot. Un textuletz despre mentori, despre cum geniul lui Rubicam nu a vazut uriasul potential al lui Ogilvy, despre cum dupa multi ani Rubicam l-a intrebat intr-o scrisoare pe Ogilvy cum se face ca l-a “scapat”, despre cum un Rubicam de 24 de ani i-a scris sefului o scrisoare menita sa produca fie o intrevedere imediata, fie un ochi vanat, despre cum a prins contur visul “Y & R”, despre cum sa pierzi un mentor si, totusi, atunci cand tragi linie, sa spui: “Dintre toti, pe el l-am iubit cel mai mult.” Sau despre cum sa-ti dea cu plus intr-o scadere. Sau, si mai simplu, Rubicam prin ochii lui Ogilvy. O priveliste de zile mari.

Dintre toti, pe el.

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O poveste. (I)

Pe ei doi din textul de mai jos i-am intalnit in urma cu vreo cativa ani. Intamplator, langa o biserica, in timp ce cautam o poveste pentru un proiect fain al JN. Stateau pe o banca si se tineau de mana. Nu-mi mai amintesc cum am inceput sa povestim cate-n luna si-n stele. Cert e ca ei au ramas doi dintre oamenii pe care eu ii iubesc, chiar si dupa atata timp. Ii iubesc pentru ca zambetele lor calde si sincere din ziua aia mohorata au fost ca o aspirina. Ii iubesc pentru ca m-au luat acasa la ei intr-o zi cand eram nici mai mult si nici mai putin decat un biet maidanez fara casa (si cand spun “fara casa” o spun in cel mai ad-litteram fel cu putinta). Ii iubesc pentru ca, pana la ei, nu am crezut ca iubirea poate ramane nealterata sub trecerea anilor, la fel cum nu am crezut ca o simpla intalnire intamplatoare iti poate pompa in viata oameni atat de speciali. Ultima oara i-am vazut inainte sa plec din Cluj. Am fost sa le  spun “multumesc”. Da, probabil ca nu e tocmai okay sa iti pese de oamenii despre care scrii, dar … guess what? I don’t effin care! Iubesc oamenii despre care scriu, iubesc povestile care mi se intampla si asta nu o sa se schimbe niciodata.

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(Source of the text/ author: one of the most brilliantly talented writers you could ever come across a.k.a.


De câte ori nu eşti,

Mănânc după cum urmează:

Un borcan de zacuscă

Un borcan de compot

(de vişine, de piersici nu pot).

Un pahar cu lapte

Unul cu iaurt

Trei morcovi cruzi

(unul mai scurt).

Patru felii de brânză

Două roşii

Un ou fiert

(doar aşa, ca să pot să te iert).

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Mr. Kero.

“As a graffiti artist I use the city as a canvas to express myself and bars as a gallery for selling my artwork.” ~Kero

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A frisky trip in your ear: my sunday night playlist.

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