[random repost] don’t be aggressive. be super-aggressive.

don’t be predictable (the nice word for “dull”).
don’t be one of those non-sparky people (the nice word for “dullards”) who don’t have a single creative bone in them.
don’t be what mr. hunter s. thompson used to call “a dullard, bum, and hack, hag-ridden with myopia, apathy, and complacence, and generally stuck in a bog of stagnant mediocrity.”
don’t be washed out. don’t be boring. don’t allow yourself to be less than surprising. don’t be aggressive. be super-aggresive. smash people’s apathy. give them candies, knives, juggalo faces, ice creams with jewels topping and orange buffalos that lick lamp shades in order to get them out of their comfort zone.
be a super-aggressive smart punk. ignite yourself. ignite people’s imagination. don’t forget to play. be colourful.
be a condescending & high maintenance snobbish smartass. don’t forget to be respectful. explore. go beyond the limits. dare your imagination. go over the edge. be over the top.
you’re born an original. so don’t die a fucking copy.
tease. be an overdose. be a middle finger up. be a intellectual hooligan with unlimited ammo and a licence to kill mediocrity. hijack people’s minds. be a vampire: suck their souls and then spit them into a rollercoaster full of uppers, downers, screamers, laughers.
make people say: “aaah, i wish i’ve done that” when they see a picture you took.
make people say: “damn, that was a freaking good reading” when they read a text you’ve written.
a different lover is not a sin. yeah. you’ve got it right: shock your audience from time to time. a new different approach is not a sin.
it doesn’t matter if you’re beige, black, red, yellow, green or white. it  doesn’t matter if you’re a suricate, a space monster or a pink princess. if you say things in a different way, in a way that others can’t, people will read you even if you’re a hamster, a capibara or a japanese rose.
don’t give people a simple image of what you see. give them a mirror that’s cracked. remember that creativity is taking a set of familiar elements and rearranging them in an unfamiliar way so that the audience recognises both the familiarity and the unfamiliarity. present something the audience will recognise as themselves, their lives, their dreams, but with a twist, so they’re actually a bit startled by it, or will get an extra insight from it. so don’t just give them a mirror, give them a mirror that’s craked.
respect your readers: don’t give them watered-dowm bullshits. give them something they’ve never seen/read/heard before. make them see, hear and smell things they’ve never seen, heard and smelled before. surprise them. be an entertainer. be a tease. strip down your mind. be something else. be whatever you want to be.
just don’t be predictable. (the fancy word for “dull”).

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