Don’t touch my universe.

Let’s play a game. What’s the first thing you notice when you see this picture?

I’ll ask you ladies first. So, ladies, what’s the first thing you notice when you see this picture? It’s her stylish hat?

It’s the perfume bottle? The green bathing suit? The hair colour? The dramatic makeup?

How about now? The detail on her swimsuit, maybe?

Gentlemen, now it’s your turn. So, gentlemen, what’s the first thing you notice when you see this picture? It’s the makeup set on her bed? Or the fact she isn’t wearing any earrings, maybe?

It’s the black nail polish? It’s the fact that now she looks pale and her hair looks more wig-like than natural?

It’s the outdoor view? How about the nuclear explosion in the first photo? Scroll back to the top of the page. Did you notice it? Oh, nevermind, good gentlemen, I know you saw none of those. 😀 At first glance, the “Don’t Touch My Universe” photo series looks like a typical fashion shoot, but it quickly becomes clear that is not the case at all. When the viewer finally peels his or her eyes off of the model and looks at the images as a whole, scary scenes can be seen through the window just beyond her apartment.

The images are composed of an indoor scenery showing the model in her living environment and some outdoor sceneries showing some catastrophies taking place outside the models window. In some pictures the photographers themselves, together with their stylist and hair&make-up artist, act out roles of the catastrophies’ victims, struggling against flood, fire and chemical vapors.

Shot by German photography duo Frank Bayh and Steff Rosenberger-Ochs of Frankundsteff, the “Don’t Touch My Universe” photo series is hilariously thought-provoking. It portrays the beautiful model as completely self-absorbed, unaware of the devastation happening just steps away from where she luxuriously lays. From floods to gas leaks and nuclear bombings, this photo shoot addresses the idea that there are often bigger concerns while you’re just laying around self-centered andself-obsessed.

It ultimately makes you question your ability to observe. When you are able to observe,  you are able to see the “big picture”. When you see the whole picture, you are able to make better decisions. Nailing down the details – in particular life circumstances –  also makes you able to grasp and extract the naked truth from an universe of misleading truths.

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