Tell me a story.

I shared my stories over time, now it’s your turn. Will you tell me a story? It can be random, from childhood, someone else’s, about your pet, your job, your kids, a moment with your grandparents, first love, lost love, a quirky or funny moment, poetry, a chance meeting, something that hurts, something that makes you happy, a rare or serendipitous encounter, a secret you’re dying to get off your chest, a rock concert, rocket science… anything at all. Perhaps you wrote a story in your mind about someone you saw on your way to work, or it’s the dream you had last night. Maybe it’s found in a person you met a million and a half hours ago, maybe it’s found in a picture you recently took. It can be 10 words, 200, 3.000 or haiku. Go ahead, do justice to that tiny story waiting to be told, give it your best shot! Get it out of your mind and throw it out just like you’d throw a bottle into the ocean. Forget what you’re doing now and just allow yourself to play along. 🙂 If it’s long, just add another post in reply to continue.

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3 thoughts on “Tell me a story.

  1. I sat next to Steven Adler’s little brother in high school. That kid had the best GN’R shirts.

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