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Cluj-Napoca…This is a post that I have been postponing ever since the craziness with the fashion weeks. But now I know why, I waited for the 1st of October, the day when all the faculties are opening the gates for their students. Be aware, this will be a more personal post and it will be hard for me to stay within the objectivity lines because Cluj-Napoca is the city where I went to faculty and, of course, a place where I always come back with a lot of nostalgia, enthusiasm and some pride.

I won’t be blogging about its historical importance, you can found it on wikipedia, but I just want to share some amazing photos published on “I love Cluj” facebook page and some taken by me that will certainly make you want to visit it. This year I had the chance to attend the Transylvania International Film (TIFF) that took place there, do you remember about my weekend escape at the beginning of the summer? But except for TIFF, Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important academic city in Romania, it gathers a lot of students every year and, therefore it has a lot of important cultural places: theaters, operas (both Romanian and Hungarian) museums, philharmonic orchestra, but it also has the most amazing botanical garden in Romania. However, one should not miss the cobblestone streets (quit a lot) and afferent terraces (more than a lot, wink!) in order to enjoy a long coffee (just like me) and to feel the youth vibe of the city.

So, ten years ago I was sitting on a bench in the major square of Cluj-Napoca waiting for somebody to save me because I could not find the way to my newly rented studio, wink! I was eventually saved …by my friends! Great times!

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