The Imaginarium of Dr. Tim Walker.

Fashion editorials are usually commercially driven, often same same, and they can can get veeeeeeeery boring.
NOT is the case with Tim Walker and his fantastical worlds, dreamy images and beautiful story lines, all realized through fashion photography. Taking inspiration from his many scrap books that are filled with image cut-outs and media stories, this London based photographer is entrancing the viewer with his romantic characters and his extravagant staging. The only medium through which these kind of elaborate sets, beautiful costumes, and the world class models can be made available for photographers looking create such worlds without the help of digital medias.
Much like the dreamscapes Annie Leibovitz creates, he is one of those people who can create fairytale worlds and make them come alive. The styling and thought behind every little detail is remarkable. But it’s no surprise, he is renowned for his surreal, ethereal and all together magical portraits and shoots, and this shoot is up there with his best. You gotta love how the shoot itself, the pieces and accessories used are all brilliantly timeless and this could have been shot yesterday, or 30 years ago.
Walker was a former assistant to the legendary Richard Avedon, and he first kindled his love of photography while on work experience cataloguing the Cecil Beaton archive in the Condé Nast library. Then, working with magazines such as Vogue UK, Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, and W to create fashion editorials, he has produced some of today’s most inspired and imaginative images. Here he takes us on a walk through his whimsical and “weird” (according to unimaginative dullards and generally stuck in a bog of stagnant mediocrity assholes) wonderland.

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10 thoughts on “The Imaginarium of Dr. Tim Walker.

  1. Tim Walker has been my favourite photographer ever since I first came across his work! Great post. :DD

    • Same here. 🙂 I came across one of his fashion editorials, then I spent an entire week digging out his previous work.
      Glad you liked it! Do tell more about your favourite photographers, I’m a sucker for interesting photo-discoveries. 🙂

  2. I absolutely adore his work. =D
    try also: David Bellemere, Ellen von Umwerth, Wendy Bevan, Mecuro B Cotto, and Annette Perhsson; to name a few. enjoy. =]

    • Thank youuuu! I’m google-ing like crazy and I’m falling & re-falling in love with what I see.
      You should update your blog, I’d LOVE to read a post about your favourite photographers. 🙂

      • I’m glad you like hem. =] I made a post about my favourite photographers on my tumblr [I don’t use wordpress 😛 ]. check it out here > =]

      • Aaaaaaaaaaaa, what an awesome collection! 🙂
        I’m about to start an intense google-ing session.
        Thank you! ^^
        P.S.: I’m officially stalking your blog from now on. 😛

      • same here for your blog, I really like your posts. =D I’m gonna add it to my bloglovin list so I can keep track. =p [read: ‘stalk’. xD]

      • Hehe. Thanks. Double bear-hug! >:D<
        I don't suppose you want to switch to WordPress…? =D
        I can't follow your blog with WP, right? Mhmmmmmmmmmm.
        Oh, I know! I need to create a blogroll. This way I'll be able to keep track of your posts as they happen. 😛

      • haha no, tumblr became my love. =p I wanted to start my blog on wordpress because I thought it would look more ‘professional’, that it would make me write, but it didn’t happen, so it was more-or-less a waste of an account. =p
        yeah, I’ve got my and I adore it. =D it’s a daily dose of inspiration. =]

      • I really, really must find some time to get myself a blogroll! :(( I am sooooooooo busy these days.
        Or I could give you my WP password. You’d only have to create a blogroll and add yourself there. ;))

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