Minimal, let’s get minimal.

Minimal Spock Esquire magazine cover.

Ever since I started writing, I told myself that I should eliminate in my stories/articles as much filler as I possibly can; I strongly believe that including unnecessary details are the worst thing a writer/a journalist can do in their writing. When I am writing a story or an email or anything else that is related to writing, I always struggle to keep in mind that I don’t need to say a lot of words for it to give a strong impact. Let’s take the example of the Russian classics: they are full of endless descriptive paragraphs on things that the reader can imagine on their own; descriptions that could have been more powerful if only one little detail of the object was given. Like many fellows in the internet era, it annoys me to no end when writers/journalists waste my time with stupid, redundant fillers. Sure, sometimes I am tempted to add details to a story that don’t necessarily need to be added, but then I immediately pinch myself to remember that I have to keep it  short and simple. You have to know when to end a story because if you don’t then you will not affect the reader as much as you might have if you just left them wanting more even though you could have added more things because when it comes to good writing, it is about what you don’t say. (Also  true for copywriters, visual artists etc.)

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