Images Connect: an interesting insight into students’ housing across the world.

Images Connect is an international photo project by photographer Henny Boogert that explores the similarities and differences between the places students call “home” around the world.

Boogert believes that all students worldwide share the same goals: to move forward and establish a career. Their housing — be it a room, an apartment, a dorm or a hut — is as universal as those goals, and the Images Connect project aims to highlight that universality.

He visited 10 countries to capture all of his images: Kenya, Russia, Moldova, Cuba, Bolivia, the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Italy and his home country of the Netherlands. And even though he chose such a diverse selection of countries, he found much the same thing everywhere he went. “A bed, a small seating area, some posters on the wall and clutter on the ground,” a representation of those goals and, in some cases, the sacrifices required to reach them.

In terms of composition there is room for improvement, but the result is, nevertheless, an interesting insight into students’ lives across many cultures.

Kenya, Africa

42 million inhabitants
Literacy: 85%
Following higher education: 3%
State universities: 7
Tuition fee for 1 year at state university: 1.300 euro / 1.700 US Dollar
Life expectancy at birth: 59 years
After foreign pressure to reach the UN Millennium Goals the government of Kenya introduced, in 2003, free education in primary schools. There is however not enough money to build schools and pay teachers. Classes are overcrowded and quality is poor.
Fredrick Oduor
29 years old, Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Agriculture
At: Nairobi University
“ I’d like to start an agriculture project to support the less fortunate like myself. Friends collected money for me to make it possible to attend university. They motivate me to earn a degree. I believe there is no future without proper education. ”
Victor Njoroge
23 years old, Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Mass Communication
“ Spends his spare time with writing scripts and short stories which he hope to direct himself in the future. He has directed a few plays in Mathare, the second largest slum of Africa. Finding work however is difficult. Bribing is not uncommon to get a job. ”
Angie Kamuyu
23 years old, Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Architecture
At: Nairobi University
“ I want to put my mark on the architecture of this country ”
Antony Waweru
Mathare slum / Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Medicine
“ I would like to work in a pharmacy. ”
Nancy Nyambura
24 years old, Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Association of Business Executives Administration
At: Kenyan College of Accountancy University
“ My study was sponsored by the Dutch foundation Studiebol. I graduated last June, with many challenges allong the way. I haven’t found a job yet. Kenya is a very competitive place and unemployment is one of the things affecting youths in the country. Therefor I try to make some money with modeling, nowadays. ”
Lawrence Owino
Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Electro Engineering
At: Kenyatta University
“ I want to work as an elektro engineer, in the future. But i thinkt i have to bribe someone to get a job. ”
Beatrice Kiambo
Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Information Technology
“ I’m hoping to be able to change people’s attitude on the issues of current media and improve the quality of future productions. I am still a student and planning to be a film maker in the documentary production in the near future mostly working with issues that affect informal settlement dwellers all over the world ”
Charles Fenema
Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Analytical Chemistry
At: Nairobi University
“ I’m being sponsored in my studies by the dutch foundation Stichting Studiebol. I’m very thankful for that. After completing my studies i want to pursue a degree in advanced teaching. ”
Vinnick Kemumar
Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Mass Communication
“ I’m hoping to receive a scholarship so that i will be able to study abroad. ”
Edwin Olukaa
Nairobi, KenyaAt: Nairobi University
Linda Irene Matte
Nairobi, KenyaStudy: Architecture
At: Nairobi University

Cuba, Central America

11 million inhabitants
Literacy: 99,8%
Following higher education: unknown
State universities: 57
Tuition fee for 1 year at state university: free education
GDP per capita: 7.500 Euro / 9.900 US Dollars
Life expectancy at birth: 78 years
Education is free, from nursery school through university. Students are more likely to study when they prove they are faithful “to the goals of Cuba” and show loyalty to the Communist Party. This is registered from the first day a pupil comes to primary school. There is no guarantee of a career after finishing education. There are university educated Cubans that work as cleaners.
Anabel Diaz Campos
22 years old, Santa Clara, CubaStudy: Psychology
At: University Marta Abreu of Las Villas

Antonio Rubio
25 years old, Havana, CubaStudy: Electrical engineering and electronics
At: University of Havana
“ I like my study very much but i would like to study with with some new modern materials. There is a big shortage on that here in Cuba. ”
Inet Gonzalez Milán
Havana, CubaStudy: Design
Helman Avelle
25 years old, Havana, CubaStudy: Design
At: Universidad del diseo
Lilian Aquilira Morgado
Havana, CubaStudy: English
Carmen Luz
19 years old, Santa Clara, CubaStudy: Biology
At: University Marta Abreu of Las Villas
“ Carmen’s university is offering Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees and boasting the graduation of 35000 engineers, licensees, architects, medics, and veterinarians, of which 1000 have been foreigners from 47 countries. Additionally, it has formed more than 310 doctors and more than 1600 magisters. In addition it collaborates with institutions from Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Spain, Peru, Mexico and Venezuela. ”

India, Asia

1,166 billion inhabitants
Literacy: 61%
Following higher education: 7%
State universities: 317
Tuition fee for 1 year at state university: unknown
GDP per capita: 2.750 Euro / 3.500 US Dollars
Life expectancy at birth: 66,8 years
India is a rising star in world economy and innovations. However, despite growing investment in education India’s universities face serious problems. Prime minister Manmohan Sing, stated in 2008: “Our university system is in a state of disrepair. In almost half the districts in the country, higher education enrollments are abysmally (incredibly) low, almost two-thirds of our universities and 90 per cent of our colleges are rated as below average on quality parameters. There are complaints of favoritism and corruption.”
Sudhanshu Sonwane
21 years old, Mumbai, IndiaStudy: Architecture
At: Sir J.J.College of Architecture
“ My future plans are doing my masters, specialisation in tall structures. And another is to join Indian Airforce if i will be lucky enough to be selected. ”
Pankaj Yadav
22 years old, Mumbai, IndiaStudy: MBA Marketing
At: Dr. D.Y. Patil University
“ I want and I must become a top leader in Indian business before 2030. I’m interested in opening a travel agency and doing the business of petrol and estate. Right now I finish my study and I am looking for foreign investors for my business. Feel free to contact me and I will send you my business plan. ”
Ganja Mujafar
18 years old, Mumbai, IndiaStudy: Bachelor Commerce
At: Rizvi college
“ I want to be a very good businessman .To support the society and help out the world. ”
Amit Arora, Kripanidhi Sahu
29, 26 years old, Mumbai, IndiaStudy: Master in Hospital Administration, Human Resourse management
At: Tata institute of Social Sciences
Sudhanshu Sonwane
21 years old, Mumbai, IndiaStudy: Architecture
At: Sir J. J. College of Architecture
Admit Patnaik and Naveen Vinna
21 years old, Mumbai, IndiaStudy: Human Resourse Management and labours
At: Tata institute of Social Sciences
Amin Khair
24 years old, Mumbai, IndiaStudy: Commerce
At: Mumbai University (F.Y.B. Com)

“ I studied hotel management at Kohinoor College. Now I want to learn more on university. To pay my study I work in a restaurant as a cook. I like cooking and to search for recepies from different countries. It is my dream to start my own restaurant. ”

The Netherlands, Europe

16,7 million inhabitants
Literacy: 99%
Following higher education: 40%
State universities: 14
Tuition fee for 1 year at state university: 1.750 euro / 2.220 US dollars
GDP per capita: 31.700 euro / 40.300 US Dollars
Life expectancy at birth: 79 years
Students pay a tuition fee, but at the same time receive a grant from the government. Part of the grant is equally high for all students, but youngsters from poor families are entitled to some extra money. The first four years of their study the money can be seen as a gift. During the other years of the study the grant turns into a loan. Recent research shows that it takes decades, before the students pay back the loan, and the debt produces problems when they want to buy a house or apply for a mortgage.
Vincent Hosman
Utrecht, NetherlandsAt: UCSD · Universiteit Utrecht
“ I have no specific job in my mind for the future but maybe something in durable banking ”
Rianne Schoonderbeek
22 years old, Groningen, NetherlandsStudy: MA Art History – Modern Art
At: State University Groningen (RUG)
Alexandra Lily Kather
24 years old, Groningen, NetherlandsStudy: Studied English Literature with Creative Writing

The Philippines, Asia

101 million inhabitants
Literacy: 92,6%
Following higher education: unknown
State universities: 57
Tuition for 1 year at state university: from 750 Euro / 950 US Dollars
GDP per capita: 2.700 Euro / 3.500 US Dollars
Life expectancy at birth: 71 years
Roughly 27% of Filippino’s don’t have a primary education, although it�s free. The reason for this is a lack of school buildings in rural areas and because lessons are given in English while the children speak another language at home. Still the illiteracy level is low, according to official government figures: children learn from parents and friends. College is only attainable for the elite and for children with parents who are willing to make sacrifices.
Abigail Mangahas Alidon (left, in pink)
17 years old, Manilla, PhilippinesStudy: English
At: Technical University
Exequiel L. Magnipis

19 years old, Manilla, Philippines
Samson Arenas
21 years old, Manilla, PhilippinesStudy: DLP Distance Learning Program
At: Benigno (Ninoy) Aquino High School
“ I work as a delivery boy to support himself and his two siblings ”

Russia, Europe

138,7 million inhabitants
Literacy: 99,4
Following higher education: 52%
State universities: 665
Tuition fee for 1 year at state university: unknown
GDP per capita: 12.450 Euro /15.900 US Dollars
Life expectancy at birth: 66,2 years
Russia has a worrying high amount of universities. On top of the 665 state owned universities there are 450 private civilian university-level institutions licensed by the Ministry of Education, with over 625.000 faculties. In 2008 president Dmitry Medvedev said: “This amount does not exist anywhere else in the world; it may be over the top even for China. The consequences are clear: devaluation of education standards.”
Katya Galochkina
27 years old, Moscow, RussiaStudy: English and German (graduated)
At: Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities
“ After graduation I trained myself for entering a school to learn about filmmaking. I earned money to pay the school fees, first with designing websites but now I am a brand manager in the beauty industry. Last september I finally started a course in filmmaking. Not to win an Oscar, but to follow my heart. ”
Danil Dellos
17 years old, Moscow, RussiaStudy: Journalistic
At: Moskow State University
“ I want to become a singer or tv journalist in europe or USA because i think i will have more opportunities there. ”
Dariko Tsulaya
21 years old, RussiaStudy: European Studies

Hong Kong, Asia

7,3 million inhabitants
Literacy: 93,5%
Following higher education: 65%
State universities: 8
Tuition fee for 1 year at state university: around HK,000- 50,000(4000-8000€) a year
GDP per capita: 38.675 Euro / 49,990 US Dollars
Life expectancy at birth: 83 years
Douglas Yam Tin Yi, Bosco Kuo Ko Wai, Eric Ng Chung Wing
Hong Kong, Hong KongAt: Hong Kong University
“ Douglas Yam Tin Yi, 18 years old, bachelor of arts 1 year(history &cheography ,university of Hong Kong, Suen Chi Sun Hall, wants to be a professor in history. Quote:’Enjoy hall life a lot :-). Allthough it wass only two months. I can experience the unique culture HK or HKU had!!’.
Bosco Kuo Ko Wai, 24 years old, bachelor of engineering 3the year(logistics engeneering& supply chain management, university of Hong KongSuen Chi Sun Hall, wants to be a professor in university. spent two years in hall. Starts to miss that place as i allways know that the society is a cruel place that i need to struggle and fight for.
Eric Ng Chung Wing, 19 years old, bachelor of engineering 1st year, university of Hong Kong, Suen Chi Sun Hall,want to design a plane in the future. Quote:’HKU is a place that helps me grow up. I enjoy studying in HKU’. ”
Newman Lau Man King & Angel Lau Yat Yeung
20 & 22 years old, Hong Kong, Hong KongStudy: Bachelor of nursing 1st year & Bachelor of arts 3 the year
At: University of Hong Kong Suen Chi Hall
“ Newman: i’m not sure if i will become a nurse or not, maybe. But at the moment i would like to try different things and go on travel.
Angel: I love the hall live in Hong Kong. It is free and full of surprises! I would like to be a teacher or a writer in the future, haha. Don’t know if these dreams will come true or not! ”
Catherine Lee
20 years old, Hong Kong, Hong KongStudy: Nursing student 1st year
At: University of Hong Kong Suen Chi Hall
“ have been living here for 2 months, busy life here 🙂 ”

Bolivia, South America

10,1 million inhabitants
Literacy: 86,7%
Following higher education: unknown
State universities: 10
Tuition fee for 1 year at state university: 700 Euro/890 US Dollars
GDP per capita: 3.750 Euro / 4.800 US Dollars
Life expectancy at birth: 67,5 years
Under a law passed in December 2010, all schoolchildren in Bolivia must learn Quechua, Aymara or some other indigenous language, as well as Spanish and a foreign language. The country, according to president Morales, should respect and embrace local cultures and indigenous people. To prove that he is serious about this issue, Morales also ordered the construction of three new universities, specifically for indigenous students in rural areas. The indigenous inhabitants of Bolivia voted him into the presidential office.
Ronald Ayala Huarachi
21 years old, Cochabamba, BoliviaStudy: Civil and construction engineering
At: Universidad Mayor de San Simón
“ This country needs a lot of improvement in infra structure, like better roads etc. I want to work on that in the future. ”
Nayro Isaac Condori
22 years old, Cochabamba, BoliviaAt: UMSA
Victor Augusto Raphael Huayta
Cochabamba, BoliviaStudy: Business and economy
At: Universidad mayor de San Simon
“ Now i work as a taxi driver. I have to support my wife and child. Between my work i study. My wife is studying for hairdresser. ”
Luigi d’Aniello
21 years old, Napoli, ItalyStudy: Graphic Design
At: Art cademy of Naples
“ I have already experience with working in a graphic design agency. Now I work as a waiter too to earn some more money. My favorite hobby is soft airgun game. My dream is to find work at an advertising company, although I know that is going to be difficult. I live in my parents house and I share this room with my brother,( Niccolò, 17 years old).
I hope to live on my own after finishing my studies. ”
Giuseppe Migliaccio
24 years old, Napoli, ItalyStudy: Advertising and Graphic Design
“ I’m a graphic designer and advertising man. Creativity plays a mayor roll in my life. I live in the same building as my parents and i have a nice place downstairs where I spent a lot of time, studying, creating my projects and also hanging out with friends. B.t w. I’m looking for a job ! ”
21 years old, Napoli, ItalyStudy: Fac of Medecine
At: University Naples Federico 2, third year
“ I want to do a specialization in neuro surgery.I would like to use my medical studies to save lifes in a practical way.I also like to study the brain because i think it is fascinating. I think I will do my job everywhere. It will be necessary.
I rent my room for €300 per month per month. My parents pay for the room and studies. I’ve been living in this room since May 2011. It is a very comfortable room. Its is large enough for me and my stuff. ”

Moldova, Europe

4,1 million inhabitants
Literacy: 99,1%
Following higher education: unknown
State universities: 16
Tuition for 1 year at state university: 430 Euro / 550 US Dollars
GDP per capita: 1.950 Euro / 2.500 US Dollars
Life expectancy at birth: 71,3 years
Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, yet the country
has the highest European ranking when it comes to expenditures on education: 9,6% of GDP. Only 6 countries in the world have a higher percentage, including Lesotho, Cuba and the Maldives. This money didn�t help any of their colleges into the list of 700 best universities. Nevertheless the number of students per 10,000 inhabitants in Moldova has been constantly growing since the collapse of the Soviet Union, reaching 217 in 2000-2001, and 351 in 2005-2006.
Alexandei Putinov, Sergiu Harciuc
21 years old, Chisinau, MoldovaStudy: History and Philology, Roman and French language
Bülent Akif
28 years old, Chisinau, MoldovaStudy: General Medicines
At: State Medical and Pharmaceutical University Nicolae Testemitanu
“ Moldova is not my homeland. I am an exchange student from Turkey. I will do my Masters in Ophthalmology: a specialism in eye disseases. ”
Eugeni Castravet
Chisinau, MoldovaStudy: Dance Academy
Part II coming soon! (:
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  1. wow. thats so good of you. i mean, how did you manage all that? soo wonderful

    • Hi. These are not my photos, it’s just a series I liked and decided to post. The photographer is Henry Boogert.

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