playing with paper planes

Important announcement from the G-Land immigration & cool jobs office.

So here we go: this is G-Land. And that highlighted building is the Immigration Office.

And this is the very, but very important citizenship announcement. 😛

Those are the pictures to choose from. Please choose the one which resembles you the most 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 and then tape it on your passport.

PS: For those who want a job too, we’re proud to announce that in G-Land has just opened a 5 stars lavish high-class and professional Top Hat Foundry – the highlighted building.

“And what’s a top hat foundry?”, you will ask. Well, a top hat foundry is pretty much this:

To apply, e-mail your CV to the Top Hat Foundry supervising team (meet them in the following picture): The Tooth Brush Monster, The Baby Reindeer With Gold Socks,  The Witch With Really BIG Broom, The Pumpkin Who Sleeps In Class With His Sunglasses On and The Really Amazed Blue Eye.

We will get back to you soon with updated content about the G-Land’s citizens. 😀

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