sunday supermassive boredom: chapter one

So: while I was doing some research for my final paper – on cross-cult advertising – i found    this (click here to watch). You gotta LOVE South Park and their Facebook perspective! : ))))))

You may also want to check the Annoying Orange. : )))))) Since I can’t fill up this post with the entire series, you can find the rest of the episodes on the almighty youtube / the official site. The Toe-May-Toe episode (click to watch). ***** Saw movie parody episode (click to watch).

(okay, don’t ask in which way South Park or the Annoying Orange are related to my advertising research. 😀 They’re obviously not : )), but it sounded way better to say that I stumbled upon while actually working and not while surfing around with no purpose. :D)

But let’s have at least a PS related to advertising. I found this too. And I have just one thought to share: my fav Mr.House advertising my fav drink, oh, boy, this must be Heaven. 😀

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pop star. :))

Geniala! :))

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ken smth :))

E mortala! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Sedatzi-ma, eutanasiati-ma! 😀

De la “Bulgarian Idol”. Un fel de “Megastar” romanesc.

,,Ken Leeeeeee, tulibu dibu doutchuuuuuuuu” 😀 😀 😀

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