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What happens when you project ‘The Lorax’ onto falling snow

These Snowstorm of 2013 photos aren’t your typical snapshots of vehicles buried in snow or hipsters building anatomically correct snowmen. With a little patience, trial and error, photographer Brian Maffitt produced magnificent images that look like something out of a SF movie, a DNA lab or like going through a car wash inside of a rave. To capture his unique “Projector Snow” images, which you can see here, he pointed an old projector out a bedroom window as the mighty snowstorm known as Nemo dumped 15 inches of powder on Maffitt’s hometown of Chestnut Ridge, New York, over the weekend, last week. Using an Apple TV, the photog pulled up the first kids’ movie he could find on Netflix, ‘The Lorax’ (should’ve been ‘Finding Nemo’, obviously) and began beaming the colorful video into the night. The result is absolutely beautiful: colorful, digital confetti. 🙂

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