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12 stories for 12 lovers: artist creates 12 heels to represent 12 ex-girlfriends (NSFW)

Well this is one way to walk all over your exes: use them as inspiration for a shoe collection. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz did just that, turning 12 ex-lovers into one wildly imaginative shoe collection.


Errazuriz worked together with Melissa, a shoe company famous for working together with other high-profile designers like Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld. While they surely kicked ass, let’s not forget that this probably wouldn’t have been executed to such a degree if it were not for the use of 3D printing. It’s always superb to see art make use of trending technology, there are few relationships I find so symbiotic. The pairing testifies the tech, while also breathes new life into the art. A reminder that sometimes inspiration and ideation can be born out of simply looking to what’s modern (and how that can be exploited).

Each pair is named for one of Errazuriz’s former flames, from “Ice Queen Sophie” to “Heart Breaker Laura” to the “Gold Digger Alison,” and all personify each woman through Errazuriz’s eyes. To add one more emotional layer, the artist wrote small yet-detailed stories about each relationship (note they are NSFW) and how it inevitably ended. Some of the descriptions are beautiful and flattering, while others are not quite as nice. However, they seem like an act of deliberate public self-exposure and sincerity, and I like how this sincerity makes him extremely vulnerable to these women from his past and to judgement, which gives the project a great deal of power.


To me, what makes this project really shine is the writing, the stories or the names that accompany every design. Those tiny tales are little slices of Errazuriz’s life, and without them, I feel the project wouldn’t have been so captivating. There’s a degree of relatability that results in an invitation to the viewer. Rather than search for meaning in every shoe, he hands it to us, neatly wrapped in colloquial regard. It’s a refreshing offering, especially in contrast to all the other art usually on exhibit; sure, the shoes look nice, but it’s the accompanying writing and pictures that deliver the charm and make this project so appealing.

There’s much more to 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers than just the shoes; I believe it could have just as easily been titled “12 Stories for 12 Lovers.” And there’s something for everyone in this offering—whether it be the fashion, the design, the tech, the writing, or the photography. If none of that, Errazuriz manages to at least captivate with something we can all relate to: love and heartbreak. Bear with my pessimism (there’s a light at the end of it), but to me, the project prompts the assumption that life generally goes badly, which in turn aids in the realization of a good relationship being unusual. Errazuriz’s offering is a message to be more appreciative of when things do go your way. People who look at you like maybe you’re magic are rare and hard to find. 🙂 So when you find one, make sure you’ll protect and take care of her/him the best you can. 🙂

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Let’s play: put these words together in a creative little story. :)

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PopShock: GaGa vs DaDa.

Nigel wrote a little while ago a text about GaGa. Yes, that GaGa. And, since I had some issues with everybody calling her an “original”, we got into a pro/against discussion. The result? For Nigel’s opinion, arguments and super-interesting posts/site, please pay him a visit here. 🙂

As for my (half-rocky/jazzy, half-“businessful”) opinion… well, it went pretty much like this:

[…] I still don’t think I like her music, though I can admit I respect the fact she writes her own songs and her live performances.

Yes, she’s an icon. And she certainly knows much about marketing, branding and selling. And maybe Warhol would have loved her pop-art moods and imagery. But, in spite of that, she’s not an original. She’s just very, but very smart.

Yes, she’s creative, but being creative doesn’t necessarily mean being an original. She’s just cracking a mirror and then she’s rearranging the pieces in a totally new way (pretty much what the Dadaism teaches). Or she’s simply doing what Jim Aitchison writes down in one of his books: “I would define creativity as taking a set of familiar elements and rearranging them in an unfamiliar way so that the audience recognises both the familiarity and the unfamiliarity. In other words, present something the audience will recognise as themselves, their lives, their dreams, but with a twist, so they’re actually a bit startled by it, or will get an extra insight from it. So it’s not just a mirror, it’s a mirror that’s craked.” (Cutting Edge Advertising)

I think her most incredible smart idea was to let people see in her whatever they want to see. This way, some will see only a shallow pop diva, some others will dig out meanings in her and her songs.

GaGa seen as a business is a success. But GaGa seen as quality music… let’s just say I don’t think that 100 years from now people will wake up one morning and realize they miss “Let’s have some fun this beat is sick/ I wanna take a ride on your disco stick”.

Later-edit: another incredible smart idea of her was to surround herself with a few teams (music/fashion/marketing etc.) made of very smart, creative and talented people. But that’s pretty much what any smart businessman/woman would do. Keep creative and talented people around you, respect them and their work and they’ll take you higher than you could ever dream: every (good) manager can confirm that.

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