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Is “Graph Search” the future of the web or the future of stalker tools?

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled the latest reason for users to leave the social networking site, with the launch of a new search facility which allows users to conduct free text searches on their ‘friends.’

In short, FB is proposing to let users search their “social graph” to find new, useful information. (The social graph is the network of relationships between you, your friends, and their friends. Sadly, it is not a search engine for graphs.)

The potential is huge, but there’re two potential speed-bumps ahead for the company. The first is that perennial Facebook bugbear: privacy. The company is careful to emphasise that only things which are public or shared with you will show up when searched for — but that relies on users understanding how privacy settings actually work, which has historically not been the case.

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Just a curious…

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