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Steve Jobs, CEO Apple/Pixar: “Stay hungry! Stay foolish! Don’t settle!”

“You forget everything…”

Mr. Steve Jobs on connecting the dots, on being fatally in love with what you do, on never give up. I don’t have the time to write what this video is all about, so (for the time being) I’m going to say just that it’s the most incredible speech I’ve ever heard. Promise I’ll write a short story as soon as I can. I’m aware of the fact that maybe you don’t have 15 min., but it’s so… great.

Connect the dots. You can connect the dots only looking backwards. If you love smth with all of your heart, don’t give up, even if it takes you to unworn paths, even if it hits you with a brick in the head. All that will make sense someday. Start again when it’s over. Being over is the best thing it can happen to you. Cause you can have a brand new start. Stay hungry! Stay foolish! Don’t settle!

Thank you, Mr. Jobs. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you’ve just b-slapped me in the face. You’ve just reminded me that I miss writing so bad. You’ve just woke me up from amnesia. You’ve just reminded me that I’m a stubborn bastard. You’ve just reminded me that I must connect the dots. You’ve just helped me make the most difficult decision ever made: leaving.

“… except the butterflies.”

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