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“let’s get retarded”

(Warning: this post is unusually  pissed off and includes high levels of subjectivity.We’ll be back to regular programming next time.)

Click here (at your own risk!) for THE MOST RETARDED cover I’ve ever heard.

Also, this (song?!) was the longest product placement/ad I`ve ever seen:

0:25 – Beats by Dr. Dre

2:02 – Ice watch (make sure the logo is clearly visibile)

2:12 – BlackBerry PlayBook (repeatedly, they had the biggest budget in this thing)

3:18 – Apple (in lyrics)

Are they making music, or 313 seconds of ads?

Oh, want to know the recipe for stealing real talent from others and piece together this garbage? Well, it’s simple:

1. Make sure you have solid position in the charts.

2. Pick a beautiful hit from the eighties, preferably a song unknown to most of the teenagers.

3. Take the chorus out of it.

3. Write a few lines of uninspired lyrics.

4. Combine the chorus and your own lyrics shamelessly into a totally different song, different enough to make teenagers think it’s an original.

5. Get away with it too easily, due to the fans’s adoration.

6. Profit! (AKA people used for their money).

P.S.: Didn’t they (already) have a song saying: “Let’s get retarded, let’s get re-tar-ded in here”? (again, this is painful to watch and the voices are awful, so click it at your own risk). The point is: why did they need to make another retarded song if they already had one?

And what happened to this kind of music? I know, this is one “Amelia Earhart”-question. But, still!

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