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What does your taste in music say about your intelligence. Beyoncé fans, you may want to skip this.

If you’re a fan of Beyonce, then you’re probably kind of dumb. Just thought you’d like to know. Also, Justin Timberlake, T.I. and Lil Wayne listeners aren’t the brightest lights on the Christmas tree either, so, if you’re one of them, don’t apply for Jeopardy. It’s okay, don’t worry, just put on your Dre headphones and accept the hard fact that there are some things – well, actually, many things – that you will never understand. And the sooner you realize that, the happier you will be.

beyonce beytwice

So what’s the deal with this blog post? Well, you see, a CalTech student named Virgil Griffith conducted back in 2009 a highly scientific study about how music tastes correlate with intelligence. Oh, by “highly scientific”, I mean he figured out college students’ favorite music by looking at their Facebook profiles and compared that data to a college population’s overall S.A.T. scores, creating a tongue-in-cheek statistical look at taste and intelligence.

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