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My cool french boy.

Today’s Google Doodle is celebrating the 100th birthday of my cool French guy, photographer R. Doisneau.

“The marvels of daily life are so exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.” ~ Monsieur Robert Doisneau

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A boring coathanger or a drunk octopus who wants to fight the photographer?

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a moment of sincerity in the newsroom. :D

Reporter commenting on the stories that get the highest web hits, coming up with the perfect news story: “A cute kid and his accomplice dog go on a crime spree while trafficking in pot — and in a blizzard.”

Photographer: “I come here for the intelligent conversation. I stay for the smut.”

Copy editor 1: “Redundancy is our enemy.” Copy editor 2: “You can say that again.”

Reporter: “Oh! You smell good, what perfume is that?” Editor: “I think it’s eau du Redbull.”

On approaching ice storm: “Hoping for the worst, fearing for the best.”

Mother to son: “Honey, I’m a journalist. I’m allowed to say words like shit; it’s part of our cred.”

City editor: “My problem is, I don’t get off early enough to get drunk.”

Managing Editor: “We need a little more text to fill this space. If only two more arrests had happened.” Editor-in-Chief: “All right, people. Let’s make this happen.”

Reporter 1: “If you can turn water into wine, I’m going to start bringing jugs when we hang out.” Reporter 2: “Thus far, I’m afraid I can only turn bullshit into articles.”

Reporter to another who was not drinking caffeine: “Maybe you shouldn’t see it as coffee. Maybe you should see it as a vaccine against being a bitch.”

Columnist: “It’d be nice to have some tradition in the newsroom.” Graphics Editor: “We do – hard news and unabashed love for boozing and schmoozing, apparently.”

Engaged reporter debating whether to change her name after getting married: “I’m concerned about what it will do to my SEO.”

Reporter, who had to interview difficult strip club owner: “I was going to take a lap dance for the team.”

Photographer, talking about a new building next door: “That used to be where we could see the sunset. Now there’s no sunset.” Reporter: “I feel like there’s a journalism metaphor in there somewhere.”

Reporter 1 complaining about the Internet’s growing influence: “It’s the worst invention ever. All it’s done is give a voice to every asshole out there.” Reporter 2: “Yeah, it used to be only we newspaper assholes who had a voice.”

“I ain’t writing shit till I get some caffeine.”

Reporter on local town turning road into sledding hill: “I hope they make it slick enough to make it dangerous.”

Copy editor 1: “We have to rerun the Licensed to Wed tomorrow because we ran them today under Divorces.” Copy editor 2: “Anticipation.”

Print reporter returning from assignment: “I’ve tweeted it. I have my video and B-roll. I even have a podcast. Now if only I could figure out what my story is.”

Reporter: “It’s either Christmas trees and children or blood and gore. I love the holidays.”

Editor: “Did you want to do this story on Justin Bie-” Reporter: “No.”

Source: (Overheard in the Newsroom)

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