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David Letterman as you’ve never seen him before. :D

I admit, I have a soft spot for Dave Letterman and his Late Show (CBS). I could give you so many reasons to love this guy, but I don’t think I can write here all the 991839274827468101. So please allow me to give you below Mr. David Letterman as you’ve never seen him before.

Dave Letterman looking as some would wish sometimes. Just sometimes. 😀

“Hey, Dave… you ROCK, man! Need I say more? 😀

The mike, the mike, the mike is on fire…  😀

More David Letterman crazy pictures here.

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[please allow me to have a break from serious posts]

Just discovered a new entry in my “not famous, but interesting” actors list. 😀 From Criminal Minds (on CBS/AXN). Talented, damn funny and goofy, very-very expressive, gotta love him. 😀 All by all, I’d say that Criminal Minds would need one or two spin offs, I would certainly not mind to analyze more storyboards. Not to mention that it would turn on even more my early highschool desire of gettin’ to work as a criminal profiling agent for the behavioral analysis unit. : )) That would have fully accomplished my hella passion for forensic psychology. : ))

Meet special agent dr. Reid and special agent Rossi’s priceless “oh, you DO?” face expression:

… though I must strongly object to Dr. Reid’s opinion. Not that it’s wrong, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m pretty sure that existentialists like Kierkegaard wouldn’t actually change the light bulb, but instead marvel at the darkness. 😀 Let’s continue with the interesting Dr. Reid:

Conclusion: I would certainly not, but NOT mind to see one or two Criminal Minds spin offs. 😀

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