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Images Connect: an interesting insight into students’ housing across the world.

Images Connect is an international photo project by photographer Henny Boogert that explores the similarities and differences between the places students call “home” around the world.

Boogert believes that all students worldwide share the same goals: to move forward and establish a career. Their housing — be it a room, an apartment, a dorm or a hut — is as universal as those goals, and the Images Connect project aims to highlight that universality.

He visited 10 countries to capture all of his images: Kenya, Russia, Moldova, Cuba, Bolivia, the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Italy and his home country of the Netherlands. And even though he chose such a diverse selection of countries, he found much the same thing everywhere he went. “A bed, a small seating area, some posters on the wall and clutter on the ground,” a representation of those goals and, in some cases, the sacrifices required to reach them.

In terms of composition there is room for improvement, but the result is, nevertheless, an interesting insight into students’ lives across many cultures.

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